Tiny House Communities in Florida: An Overview

Florida’s sparkling waters and beaches make it a favorite tourist destination like none other. Not just that, but tiny house communities in Florida have also become all the rage in 2023. The best part about these communities is that the regulations and legislation are quite favorable, making it the go-to place for tiny home enthusiasts. If you plan to purchase tiny house kits for sale, Florida should be at the top of your list. 

Although Florida is a more tiny-house-friendly state compared to most other U.S. states, you should ensure compliance with the various regulations and laws of the state. Furthermore, building a tiny house on wheels on your own can be a daunting prospect, depending on the place of your residence. So, make sure you know the requirements before delving right in. 

Here, we will look closely at how you can put up tiny house kits for sale in this beautiful sunshine state and the various nitty-gritty involved with tiny house communities in Florida. So, let’s begin.


Are tiny house communities legal in Florida? 

Here, you should note that no statewide regulation governs Florida’s tiny houses. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that tiny house communities are well accepted in Florida. But, still, it is advisable to check with the county where you are moving whether tiny houses are permitted in that county or not. You should also check the construction and zoning rules at the local jurisdiction office to check whether you can build a tiny house there. 

Is there any tiny house community in Florida? 

Well, the short answer to the question is a resounding YES. Some counties in Florida are very open to tiny house communities. However, depending on the particular county and city, the restrictions for using tiny houses might change. 

Which counties in Florida allow tiny houses? 

Here is a list of the most popular communities in Florida where you can witness tiny house communities:

  • Sarasota 
  • Pasco 
  • Hamilton 
  • Dixie 
  • Orange 
  • Suwannee 

It must be pointed out that though the counties mentioned above consider tiny houses a welcome addition, the rules and regulations governing tiny houses largely vary from one county to another. So, make sure you know the various nitty-gritties before picking up a location for putting up your dream abode. 

What should be the minimum size of tiny houses in Florida? 

While some U.S. states do not have any minimum square footage requirements for tiny houses, Florida is quite particular in this aspect. For example, a home size of a minimum of 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. is mandatory in some Florida counties. On the other side of the spectrum, some counties only permit tiny units with a maximum area of only 375 sq. ft. So, make sure to jot down all the places with no minimum square footage requirements. 

Most people who want to embrace a minimalist lifestyle in Florida prefer living in a small space having an area not more than 1000 square feet. Some counties with the shortest minimum housing sizes include Dixie County, St Petersburg, and Pasco County. Consider the minimum square footage carefully while drawing up your home design. 

Where can you park a tiny house in Florida? 

If you like traveling to different new places, Florida is the place for you. 

Depending on the building code of your particular area, you might be permitted to put up a tiny home on a permanent foundation right in your backyard. These houses benefit families and are popularly known as ADUs or accessory dwelling units. 

On the other hand, if you want to travel in your tiny house, you can visit any recreational vehicle site in different parts of the state. It must be pointed out here that some RV parks require you to set up a tiny house on a foundation if you want to stay there for a substantial period of time. For instance, if you intend to stay in Sarasota County for over 45 days, you must build your tiny house on a foundation. 

Most popular RV parks in Florida are a must-visit 

  • Key Largo Kampground and Marina 
  • Rustic Sands Resort Campground 
  • Paramore’s Campground 
  • Twelve Oaks Recreational Vehicle Resort 
  • Fleetwood Recreational Vehicle Park 
  • Naples Recreational Vehicle Resort 
  • Kozy Kampers  

How to erect a tiny home in Florida? 

Before you start the take-off run to set up a tiny home in tiny house communities in Florida, here are a few factors worth considering. Let’s take a look at them. 

Things to consider:

  • Decide which type of tiny house you would like to reside in: Do you aspire for a tiny house on wheels with which you can travel to the place of your dreams? Or do you want to erect a tiny house on a permanent foundation? Or, are you looking for an accessory dwelling unit that can double as a private retreat or a guest home in the backyard? 
  • Next, you should check the legal requirements for your tiny abode. The respective offices at the city hall and county courthouse can come in quite handy. 
  • Once you have chosen an exquisite location, you can start making arrangements such as preparing your backyard, purchasing a lot, or renting a spot in a recreational vehicle park. 
  • Contact certified tiny house builders via TinyHouseMe, to find the most functional tiny house kits for sale.
  • And once it’s completely built, you can ask for quotes for home insurance. 


Final Take: 

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