Places in Florida Where You Can Legally Park Your Tiny Home

The tiny house revolution has taken the U.S. by storm in the last few years, allowing people to lead a simplistic lifestyle and, more importantly, reduce their living costs to a great extent. If you are looking for high-end tiny log cabins for sale ,tiny homes on wheels, houses built on a foundation, or structures of a similar kind, then sign up at TinyHouseMe to connect with multiple certified builders under one platform. However, if you stay in Florida and own a tiny home, we have listed a few places where you can legally park the structure.

We all know that Florida is one of the best tiny-house-friendly states in the U.S. However, just like any other U.S. state, this sunshine state has its own rules and regulations governing where to erect or station a tiny home. 


Well, now coming to the point, you have two primary parking options for legally parking tiny houses in Florida, namely: 

  • Tiny house communities
  • Resorts or RV parks 

Park in Tiny House Communities Spread All Over Florida 

Tiny house communities are intentionally set up for people eager to embrace the minimalist lifestyle by residing in tiny homes. 

These communities are a boon to the never-ending battle that’s going on concerning tiny home parking in several quarters around Florida. They offer the perfect place to land your tiny abode legally. 

Here is a list of the most sought-after tiny home communities in Florida where you can legally park your THOW: 

Luxurious Outpost Park and Community 

Braveheart Properties 

Circle Pond Tiny Community 

Orlando Lakefront Park 

Gracious Tiny House Park 

The Outpost Park and Community 

Situated on Lake Mariana, The Outpost Park and Community is a luxurious space worth staying in. If camping and outdoor fun fascinate you the most, you cannot overlook this mind-boggling place. Not just that, this place has a lot to offer, like float boat adventures, boating, freshwater fishing, and the list continues. 

One segment of this community is specifically designed for tiny homes on wheels and is popularly known as the Preserve Community. It has everything necessary for tiny living, and the intuitive park-like setting is also something to die for. 

Braveheart Properties 

This small cottage and tiny home community is located in Cocoa, Florida. This is one of the 1st tiny house communities in this place. 

Here, you will find numerous lots ideal for accommodating tiny living spaces, be they traditional-sized cottages or tiny homes on wheels. These lots are sewage-ready while providing facilities for water and electricity as well. 

Circle Pond Tiny Community 

This community is in South Hillsborough County in Florida. If you seek an astounding natural setting, things can’t get better than this community. Here, there is enough space for parking tiny houses circumscribing the Circle Pond, with every angle ensuring a fascinating view of the pond. 

This community has access to a community garden, enough space between tiny houses, walking paths all over the community, and access to all the primary tiny home living requirements. 

Orlando Lakefront 

A renewed 1950 RV park, this community is located near College Park. This community has all the answers to Florida’s tiny house parking problem. 

There are 40 land spaces open for lease. You can place your tiny home on wheels without legal trouble. The best thing about this community is that you can enjoy complete hook-ups to the park utilities. On top of that, you also get to enjoy some refreshing amenities like a community garden, fishing docks, a park for pets, and a Laundromat. 

Station Your Tiny Home in a Florida Resort and RV Park 

If you are a vacationing recreational vehicle owner looking for a place to temporarily station your tiny home in Florida, a resort or a recreational vehicle park is what you should look for. 

Fortunately, all the resorts and RV parks in Florida accommodate tiny homes. Unlike tiny house communities where permanent living is permitted, you should note that these resorts and RV parks permit only temporary stays. 

Here we have mentioned the two most popular resorts and RV parks in Florida which legally allow parking tiny homes on wheels:

  • Lost Lake RV Park 
  • Christmas RV Park 

Lost Lake RV Park 

Located in Apopka (Florida), this is one of the most sought-after resorts for tourists. This park has as many as 82 lots to hook up your tiny home to an RV easily. Station your tiny abode in this intuitive environment for a single night, two to three days, months, or even years, and feel the difference. 

This park has a lot to offer, from spending quality time with your close ones under the trees to diving deep into the swimming pool.

Christmas RV Park 

This occupies an area of about 8 acres and is situated in Christmas (Orange County). This exquisite park welcomes tiny homes on wheels and an RV and is surrounded by tall pine trees. 

You get access to all the necessary hook-ups for tiny living, including a TV reception, campfire, a heated swimming pool, and a BBQ area. 

The main reason why people prefer parking their tiny houses here is that almost all the major attractions in Florida, like bird and wildlife sanctuaries, state parks, fishing piers, hiking trails, and more, are situated quite close to this park. 

Final Take: 

Now that you have a fairly good idea of where to park a tiny house in Florida, it’s time to get yourself a tiny living space. We at TinyHouseMe, have an online directory where you will find a comprehensive list of established tiny home builders all across the U.S. offering tiny log cabins for sale, tiny homes on a foundation, houses on wheels, ADUs, and structures of a similar kind. Reach out to the builders via TinyHouseMe, and we will connect you directly with them while ensuring you get a faster response and priority service. Sign up on our website and get premium-quality tiny homes on wheels at highly competitive rates. Request a quote now