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  • Kickstart your tiny house journey with us. Here you will find affordable and beginner-friendly tiny house foundation plans that are professionally built for you. Check out the models showcased on our platform, and if you like them – connect with the builder immediately. Most builders already have customers lined up for a consultation session. But, instead of waiting in the queue, we make things easier for you. TinyHouseMe connects you directly with the builders and makes things move faster. We schedule an appointment with your preferred builders at the earliest and ensure you get priority service from the tiny home builder.
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  • TinyHouseMe is an online directory. We help you compare and choose between different tiny home models to help you make a perfect choice. You will find more than hundreds of tiny home builders on this platform. The builders have showcased their tiny home models for customers to catch a glimpse and make a choice. If you like the off-the-shelf builds, connect with the builder directly for immediate purchase. On the other hand, if you are looking for customized versions, then TinyHouseMe can set up an appointment with the builder where you can voice your preferences and specifications.
  • This platform allows you to check out several models and connect with different builders to compare prices, tiny home features, functionality, aesthetics, and everything – before making a final choice.
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  • Are you ready to go tiny but have a lot of unanswered questions? Do you need assistance with the project's design, planning, or financing? We can help! You can join now and connect with our experts to get all your queries answered. The tiny house industry has many pitfalls, but we have the expertise to help you navigate the challenges. Our blog section has covered topics related to tiny house living, floor plans, permits, financing, and even how to make money by using tiny houses as rental units.
  • So, if you have a specific situation, we can share our expertise to cater to your problem and find the best solution. Our actionable insights will guide you throughout the buying process and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome.
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