Everything You Needed To Know About Container Home Insurance

If you plan to buy a container home, you need to ensure it’s protected. Floods, fires, and other disasters can badly affect the container structure, and you need to be fully prepared for any adversities. That’s why you need to know everything about container home insurance to get the best insurance protection for the structure. Insurance is specialized, and customizing the policy is essential to ensure you get the most coverage. At TinyHouseMe, you will get useful information about tiny home insurance and financing and connect to established and trusted container home builders like Custom Container Living, Alternative Living Spaces, and Kubed Living. 


Types of container house insurance

There are many kinds of container house insurance. While many prefer the basic coverages, there might be better options. You must ensure your structure is covered for every eventuality, and good insurance will make it possible.

Homeowners Insurance

Standard homeowner’s insurance is the most important kind of container home insurance. You get a homeowners policy for container homes similar to a traditional house. However, you must take care of the expenses and keep track of your expenditure while building the container home. In addition, you will likely need to get the property and home appraised by an expert appraiser.

The homeowner’s insurance will cover the structure in the event of any adversity when there is no fault of your own. For example, if floods, wildfires, and natural calamities might befall the structure, then having this insurance will help to rebuild or make repairs when the container home has been destroyed or damaged. This insurance policy will also provide money for alternative living when you have to wait to move back.

Specialty Insurance

Sometimes, you will need to get specialty insurance for the container home. Some specialty insurance policies cover unique container homes but are expensive. Nevertheless, this expensive specialty insurance is worth the money if you want the ultimate container home insurance, especially when there is a possibility of your home getting damaged.

Finding a good container home insurance agency depends on your chosen specialty policies. Getting references from other container homeowners, builders, and experts might help determine what specialty policies you should have in place. This knowledge will help you ascertain what’s best for your container home.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance isn’t necessary, but it’s a crucial element. This insurance protects you from liabilities if someone is injured on your property. Although this seems unlikely, it’s something that you need. If someone is hurt on your property or injured, the liability insurance comes to use to pay off the medical bills and additional expenses.

However, liability insurance for container homes is a personal choice, but if you regularly have visitors, then it’s a good idea to have your house insured with this policy. Even if you don’t entertain guests in your container home, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and having liability insurance might be worth the extra money.

Things to consider while looking for container home insurance:

Location – Depending on the area, you must cover the structure from potential disasters and rigorous weather patterns. For example, if the place is susceptible to wildfires, the policy should cover this aspect, even if you must pay extra.

Value of contents – The container home insurance should also cover the stuff inside the house, like electronics, furniture, and other valuables. Remember the inventory, as this will determine the amount you must pay for the customized insurance plan that works best for you.

Limitations and exclusions – All insurance agencies have certain limitations and exclusions. Based on how much you are willing to pay monthly, you should decide whether you can deal with certain things that might not be covered. A comprehensive insurance policy will keep you covered by almost everything. Still, certain clauses will be there that are excluded in the policy for which it’s essential to keep a vigil.

Additional coverages – Personal injury coverage, earthquake coverage, and other specialized policies should be purchased. If you know your lifestyle needs, you should choose these policies wisely. Take expert opinion before choosing these policies, and TinyHouseMe can offer helpful resources. Sign up now for professional assistance and meet with trusted container home builders like Custom Container Living, Kubed Living and Alternative Living Spaces.

Cost of container home insurance

Here are the main factors that determine the insurance premium you can ask for:

  • Age, size, and condition of the container home
  • Location of the house with regard to perils (both natural and man-made criminal activities)
  • Your planned usage of the home
  • Additional factors like having a swimming pool, pets, security systems, and so on
  • Your claim history
  • Your credit score and financial health
  • Your desired coverage limits and other deductibles

Final Thoughts

Builders like Custom Container Living,Kubed Living, and Alternative Living Spaces can help if you plan to buy a container home. Connect with any trusted builders via us for a quick response and priority service. Join our platform to book an appointment at the earliest, and additionally, our experts will discuss the financing and premium insurance plans in detail.

Log Cabin TV Shows That Are Worth a Watch!

If you are looking for high-quality cabins on wheels for sale, a quick search online can stretch for hours, wasting precious time. Rather, why not get directly connected with log cabin builders at TinyHouseMe? We connect you with 100s of builders across the US and Canada and showcase 1000s of tiny home models on our platform. If you want to learn about log cabins, then a quick read through some log cabin books might help. However, we have also made a list of log cabin TV shows that are worth watching. 


 Log Cabin Living: In this show, you will follow one family as they leave behind the hustle and bustle and venture on a journey to find the so-called stereotypical escape. They explore the strange real estate market as they look for their perfect log home retreat. The show is about whether they can live out their wildest dreams in an isolated log cabin, from recreational activities, entertainment, and access to day-to-day necessities, and adapt to a completely different set of maintenance requirements.

You can watch this mind-boggling TV show on Discovery+, HGTV Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, and Roku channel. 

Log Cabin Fever: This is a one-hour reality series where you will follow expert craftsman Charlie Norman and his team of experienced tradesmen as they deconstruct unique barns and log cabins and then construct new homes with the help of salvaged beans in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. In this premiere episode, Charlie and his team are entrusted with the task of constructing a single-room cabin featuring a mind-boggling view of the North Carolina highlands. First, they gather chestnut beans from a historic cabin that dates back to Daniel Boone’s times, after which they struggle to transport the building materials to the construction site on the perilous mountainside roads and have to battle out inclement weather conditions during the construction of their dream mountain retreat. 

You can watch Log Cabin Fever on Play Store, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

Barnwood Builders:This American documentary television series follows a crew of builders converting historic barns and log cabins into modern houses. This show follows Mark Bowe. His West Virginia company buys log cabins and old barns so that they can reuse the logs in contemporary house construction. 

The show is broadcasted on the Great American Country, Discover Channel, and Magnolia Network in the United States. The series is a production of Silent Crow Arts. 26 more episodes of the series were commissioned by the DIY network in 2017. Presently, the show is in its 12th season. 

Epic Log Homes:The log homes you see these days are in no way similar to what you have seen before. Instead, these are typical colossal castles built by men cherishing their every childhood fantasy. From the active volcano in the Pacific North to the lush green of the Midwest, and from the Colorado Rockies to a top-perch mountain that overlooks the Las Vegas strip, these homeowners are simply breaking boundaries to fabricate the log homes of their dreams and turning them into movie theatres, gyms, game rooms, and casinos. Construction of these log homes calls for determination, premium-quality materials, and nothing less than a resounding “Yes” for the answer. That is why the show is named “Epic Log Homes.’ 

You can watch this enchanting reality TV show on Amazon Prime Video.

 Timber Kings: This reality TV show will welcome you into a world of home construction that you might have never seen before. Here, you will see the master log smiths of Pioneer Log Homes perform under rigid deadlines and intense pressure to design elaborate, multi-millionaire log homes. HGTV Canada closely follows every builder of this family-run business as they put their best into crafting top-of-the-line custom-tailored log homes. This show allows you to catch a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes during the construction of exquisite log homes on Earth. 

This reality TV show is presently streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 


Final Take

If you are inspired by these shows on log cabins, then why not get a quality model for yourself? At TinyHouseMe, we make the search simpler by connecting you with established builders offering cabins on wheels for sale. By connecting with the builder via us, you get a faster response and priority service from a trusted professional. Moreover, the experts at TinyHouseMe can offer you helpful resources to finance and plan the tiny home project. Sign up now to connect with several builders and get multiple quotations for your tiny home project. TinyHouseMe is a complete online directory and a one-stop destination to connect with multiple home builders who are certified and trusted and offer high-quality off-the-shelf and custom-made tiny homes.

How To Finance a Tiny House Container?

In recent years, the tiny house container has become extremely popular as it’s affordable and functional, making it a great alternative to traditional housing. However, although container homes are an economical choice, it is not easy to finance such a structure, which means it’s difficult to get a home loan for a container home. This is because many banks are not on board with alternative housing structures. However, things are changing, and getting a loan for the container house is fairly easy. Read on to learn more:


Preparations to get a loan for tiny house containers

Get a comprehensive plan: When you are attempting to finance the container home, you need to have a detailed plan laid out. This will help a lot with the loan officer and enable you in getting the loan you need for the container home financing. A detailed plan needs to have all the probable costs for materials and labor. This will define the home’s potential valuation, which can help when you offer collateral for it. However, you and the builder should work accordingly and develop a moderately precise cost projection; based on that, the loan amount will be decided, and you can kickstart the project.

Understanding the building codes: Almost every county, city, town, and municipality have a set of building codes that are different from one another. To get a loan, you need to understand the local building codes, as the lending institutions will surely want that you are fully aware of the regulations and ensure that you abide by them. At the county assessor’s office, you can get to know out more about the local building codes, and they will let you know if container house structures are allowed. Not all counties are open to tiny house container structures, and some have specific requirements. Learning about these is helpful before you attempt to get funding for the structure.

Speak to your builder and other container homeowners: Many builders offer financing solutions, so connect with them before you start searching for a lender. At TinyHouseMe, we connect you with innumerable tiny home builders, and you can easily find a trusted container home builder among them. In addition, many home builders offer flexible financing solutions that would be tailored for your convenience. However, if you want further help, the next step would be to talk to tiny home dwellers who have managed successfully to finance a loan for the tiny house container. This will aid you find banks willing to give you the loan, and you will avoid making mistakes by getting first-hand guidance. At TinyHouseMe, we provide helpful resources for financing your tiny home project. Sign up to know more!

Buy land first: Before you look for financing, get the piece of land ready. This shows your commitment towards the projects, and banks would be easier to convince for the loan. However, getting a loan for the land is also necessary, which again has a different procedure. You should not go for the same lending institution for land and tiny house container loans.

Ways to get a loan for the container home

Land and construction loan: Lenders offer you a loan for purchasing land and also constructing the container home. Not all lenders offer both these loans, and if the land is not cleared for a home or doesn’t have a permit, then you will need to pay for setting up the property.

Construction loan: If you already have land, you will qualify for a construction loan to get finance for the materials, labor, and the actual building of the home. Once you are through with the construction, you will have to pay back. Usually, people borrow another loan for paying back the construction loan.

Construction-to-permanent loan: Here, you get the loan for the construction, and when it’s through, the loan is converted into a permanent mortgage. If you prefer to buy a well-built container home that only needs to be transferred to your land, it gets financed as a manufactured home. This is a great thing, as you get plenty of financing options depending on the size of the structure and how permanent the home is. Professional advice from a lender or builder can help, so signing up at TinyHouseMe is highly recommended.

Conventional home loan: You can opt for a conventional home loan for the project, but this option is ideal only if the structure is an existing property (meaning one that’s already built and has been installed over a piece of land) or else you are buying a finished model after someone has made the upfront costs.

Conventional loans are very popular as they are widely available, and low-down payment options make them all the more attractive. 

As per mortgage reports, to qualify for a conventional loan, you need the following:

  • 3% down payment if you are a first-time buyer
  • A credit score of 620 or even higher
  • 5% down if you are a repeat home buyer

However, since container homes are considered modular houses, there are strict lending guidelines, and you will get the funds released only after key milestones are reached. 



When you are looking for a tiny house container, then preparation is the key. Find builders who offer financing solutions, and you can connect with trusted ones via TinyHouseMe. We ensure you get a faster response and help you book an appointment with a builder of your choice at the earliest.

Top 5 Yurt Builders in the USA

The word YURT derived from the Turkish language, is a portable, circular dwelling assembled like a tent. Yurts can be used as a gym, workspace, or hobby space to relax during leisure time. 

However, finding a well-designed yurt that best suits your needs is the biggest challenge. An internet search for high-quality yurts at an affordable price might give you several options, but it’s more of a waste of time. Many builders would leave no stone unturned to flatter you with fluffy sales talk to turn up a sale. Nevertheless, if you are looking for certified and trusted yurt builders, we are here to help. 

TinyHouseMe is a complete online directory connecting tiny home builders with potential buyers. We showcase tiny houses on wheels, tiny homes for backyards, yurts, ADUs, cabins on wheels, and structures of similar kinds on our platform. In addition, you can now reach out to several yurt builders via us to get a quicker response and schedule an appointment with your preferred builder as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for trusted yurt builders, here is the list.


Here are the top 5 Yurt Builders in the USA 

California Round House: The builder has served in the USA since 1984. They are a full-service construction company, manufacturer, and installer of custom-tailored round sustainable panelized homes, structures, and studios. Based in Ukiah, they offer customized Frame Panel Code-approved supremely engineered yurts. If you want to contact the builder quickly, sign up with TinyHouseMeWe will help you quickly book an appointment with the builder. 

California Round House

Great Lakes Yurt Co: Thisis Michigan’s first and only yurt company. They have been in the construction game for over 30 years and can efficiently and quickly manufacture budget-friendly yurts for the Midwest and beyond. They always strive to bring about enchanting living experiences for people. They consider the exact Mongolian yurt designs and re-imagine them with top-notch building standards and ultra-modern durable materials with their professional craftsmen at work.

Great Lakes Yurt Co

Living Intent Yurts Co: Debuting in the dense woods of Northern Maine, Living Intent Yurts Co started with a single yurt and a passion for a more sustainable lifestyle. Slowly, they started building yurts for their friends, neighbors, and more. For some years, they built yurt kits out of carports, garages, and more. Then, they put all the yurts and necessary tools on the back of a cargo van and drove straight to the west of California. They started as a professional yurt-building company to offer class-leading yurts at highly competitive prices. Now, they are settled in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, offering top-notch handcrafted yurts to their customers up and down the West Coast and wherever mail is delivered. If you also want those handcrafted yurts, you first need to contact them. Now, you can connect with them directly via TinyHouseMe.Sign up with us, and we will schedule an appointment with the builder soon. 

Living Intent Yurts Co

Rainier OutdoorAre you looking for canvas cottages, handcrafted yurts, tipis, and canvas tents? Then, you should check out Rainier Outdoor.They have been providing state-of-the-art products to customers since 1896. Here you will find complete cottages with features of both yurts and wall tents in one cost-efficient shelter. They offer twenty different size combinations to fit your lifestyle and budget in the best way possible. They also offer eagle yurts that are made with a modular wall system and come with a standard 10-year warranty on roof fabric. Contact the builder via TinyHouseMe for priority service, and start living your adventure now. 

Rainier Outdoor

Texas Yurts Co: This builder is your premier source for custom-tailored yurts. They always strive to bring segment-leading yurts at highly competitive rates while keeping in mind the integrity of an original yurt design. Every yurt is built in our warehouse located in the Texas Hill Country. Our professional, trained, and courteous crew has years of experience building yurts, thus turning your dreams into reality. Connect directly with the builder to get your dream yurt. With TinyHouseMe, you don’t have to wait long hours in the queue. Join us, and we will schedule an appointment at the earliest.

Texas Yurt Co


Why connect with yurt builders via TinyHouseMe?

A quick online search would reveal different yurt builders throughout the US and Canada. However, analyzing all those builders and picking up a trusted one is hectic and time-consuming. You may find many builders offering yurts,tiny homes for backyards, homes on wheels, and other structures at inexpensive rates. But the fact is that everyone is not genuine and trusted. There is no need to go through hundreds of reviews and waste time finding the best yurt builder. Rather, sign up with TinyHouseMeas you can connect with not one but multiple yurt builders. The aforementioned builders are a cornerstone of the business. However, if you want to contact more builders, sign up with us, and we will connect you with your preferred builder. You will also find innumerable yurt models showcased on our platform, which will help you make an informed decision. 

Join the platform to avail of the following benefits:

  • Multiple quotes from certified builders 
  • Valuable resources for planning and financing the project 
  • Quicker response and priority service 
  • Highly competitive prices