10 Tiny Home Communities In The U.S. That Are Going To Leave You Spell-Bounded

The United States has witnessed a trend of tiny house neighbourhoods breaking through in every town and city of the State on an unprecedented scale over the last few years. While some might argue that the stringent zoning laws implemented all over the U.S. hindered its proliferation rate, these tiny living alternatives continue to gain even more traction in 2023. You can now find several tiny houses on foundations, homes on wheels, ADUs, cabins, and structures of similar kinds at TinyHouseMe. We also help you connect with tiny home builders across the U.S. and Canada. But before that, let’s learn about the tiny home communities that have gained immense popularity.


Numerous tiny home communities spread across different parts of the U.S. have tiny-house-friendly zoning laws. Not just in the U.S., but Canada too, has boarded the bandwagon. Many recreational vehicle parks are renovated and restructured into exquisite tiny home communities. Even some small U.S. towns permit tiny houses to control the excessive population growth. Tiny house communities are a boon for homeless people as well. 

Here, we have curated a list of 10 tiny house communities expected to flourish and prosper in the coming years in the United States. Let’s take a look at them. 

  •    Tiny Home Village in New Mexico 

Tiny Home Village in New Mexico was built with the primary motive of helping out homeless people. This community packs 30 tiny houses, each having a 120-square-foot surface area. The community also offers necessary counselling and support for people who have never had a so-called home. Each tiny house in this village consists of a kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathrooms. 

  •    Cedar Springs Tiny Village (Ohio)

This is the first tiny home village in Ohio with 30 lots where you can safely and legally station your tiny house. Cedar Springs Tiny Village sports all the modern bells and whistles like Wi-Fi, cable connections, walking paths, and a community garden. This village is near the Natural Spring Resort, where you can see fishing, a beach, a pool, and scuba diving. 

  •    Community First! Village in Texas

This village is in Austin, a part of Texas, and has been set up to iron out homelessness in the U.S. occupying an area of about 27 acres, this tiny home village consists of numerous tiny villages, along with mobile houses and recreational vehicles, for housing local people in the state. This village was established in 2015 and features laundry facilities, walking trails, movie theatres, markets, and whatnot. 

  •    Lemon Cove Village in California 

The stringent zoning laws in different parts of the state hinder parking tiny houses. Against this backdrop, many recreational vehicle parks welcome tiny houses, and Lemon Cove Village is one such village. This village is situated near Sequoia National Park in California, where you can station your tiny house by paying a rental fee of only $450 per month. What speaks for this village is its mind-boggling location at the foot of the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada and some amazingly useful amenities, like on-site laundry, superfast internet, and a swimming pool. 

  •    Spur, Texas

Spur, a small town in North Texas, has been experiencing a sharp decrease in the population rate over the last few years. To tackle the issue, they declared themselves the first tiny home-friendly town in the U.S. While most other municipalities rejected tiny houses, Spur rose and welcomed tiny houses to increase its tax base and population size. This small town has now grown to become home to several tiny houses spread across the town. 

  •    Lake Walk in South Carolina 

This humongous tiny house community presently has as many as 43 sites established on 15 acres of land on the banks of Cunningham Lake (South Carolina). The houses here sport some of the most top-notch features, like large decks, solid kitchen countertops, hardwood floors, and heavy appliances. It’s not just the lake, but this tiny house community has many other enchanting amenities, like community gardens, astounding views of the scintillating mountains, and nature trails. 

  •    Cottage Estates in Acme (Michigan) 

Sitting on one of the lakes in the Bay of Michigan, these segment-leading tiny homes are on a recreational vehicle resort. The tiny houses in Cottage Estate have 400 square feet of living space and feature all the modern bells and whistles like hardwood floors, large decks, and heavy appliances, all on lots of 5000-square-foot surface area. This tiny house community features all the amenities of a resort, like a tennis court, fitness center, spa and pool, clubhouses, etc. 

  •    Tiny House Block in San Diego (California) 

If your primary motive for embracing the minimalist lifestyle is to get closer to nature, Tiny House Block might be the way for you. If you want to experience tiny house living before diving right in, you can easily rent a tiny house at pocket-friendly rates. You can also set up your own tiny house in this community. However, do whatever you want quickly, as vacancies run out quickly. 

  •    Canoe Bay Escape Village in Canoe Bay (Wisconsin) 

Do you want to reside in a tiny home deep in the woods? Then, Canoe Bay Escape Village, located in Wisconsin, might be the best fit for you. Escape Village is just beside the lakeside resort, Canoe Bay. This tiny home community has two private lakes in the middle of over 100 acres of forest. The tiny houses here have different sizes of floor plans featuring heavy appliances, king and queen-sized beds, and many windows to enjoy the serene beauty of nature. 

  •    Orlando Lakefront in Orlando (Florida)

You will find many old trailer parks in Florida, which are now transformed into tiny house communities. And Orlando Lakefront is one such example. Established in 1950, this recreational vehicle park was revitalized to incorporate as many as 40 tiny houses on wheels. Sitting on the bank of Lake Fairview, this community has 50 vacant spots for leasing purposes. This tiny house community also has 14 tiny houses that can be rented by people who want to experience tiny home living and vacationers. 

Final Take: 

So, here is a list of the most popular tiny house communities in the U.S. worth living in. If you also want to experience tiny home living in any of these heavenly places, contact TinyHouseMe’s listed trusted tiny home builders. Our certified tiny house builders would help you set up your dream tiny abode in any of your preferred tiny house communities. You can find the most exquisite tiny houses on foundations, homes on wheels, and structures of similar kinds at TinyHouseMe. Reach out to the builders via TinyHouseMe and enjoy faster response and priority service like never before.