Ways to Simplify and Downsize Your Lifestyle – The Downsizing Secrets of Tiny Homeowners

Downsizing can be overwhelming, and understanding the nuances can be challenging. The tiny home movement is immensely popular, and living in a minimalistic home is equally beneficial for umpteen reasons. Did you know an average American household has more than 300,000 items (LA Times), and 2 out of 3 Americans have no savings to cope with inflation (Forbes)? These paint a jarring picture of excessive accumulation and overconsumption. The perfect solution would be to start downsizing and living in prebuilt tiny homes. Many builders are now offering high-quality prebuilt tiny homes for sale, and connecting via TinyHouseMe will assure you quality, warranty, and helpful resources for planning and financing. The prebuilt homes ensure proper downsizing to reduce dependency on useless stuff and get your focus back to things that bring you happiness and serve your immediate needs. Minimalism can be a total lifestyle change and is worth it. Here are a few ways to downsize your life inside a tiny home.


Plan and get started – Take expert help 

Planning before you downsize is a great way to stay focused on what to let go of and what to hold onto. Connect with the builders through TinyHouseMe to plan your prebuilt tiny homes and customize the structure based on your requirements. You can check out our articles and read through the different ways to plan your tiny house. From kitchen ideas to plumbing systems and electrical arrangements, we have discussed everything under one platform to make a choice easier for the readers. To get a more detailed perspective and customized solutions connecting with the builders through TinyHouseMe is an ideal choice.

Get rid of multiples 

You need to start following Jenn Baxter, a tiny house dweller, and YouTuber. She talks about downsizing and decluttering and suggests getting rid of duplicates. Multiple kitchen utensils, identical jeans inside the wardrobe, and numerous bottles of shampoo and gels are a big NO-NO. You need to cut down to one item each to free up the space inside the tiny home. Even clothing and footwear should come down to what you actually need rather than what you desire.

Multitasking appliances 

An organized kitchen with multipurpose appliances is excellent for downsizing. Get rid of single-use items and embrace multipurpose tools and appliances. You will find a lot of clever gadgets in the market, like a pot lid that can double as a strainer and the small-scale, travel-friendly versions of electrical appliances like kettles and irons are all great choices.

Electrical Detox

Get rid of the technology you have hoarded for years. Your drawers with DVD players, outdated cell phones, and other obsolete items must go. Rethink whether you want to keep the video game consoles, giant desktop, or old VCR, and clear out your space accordingly. If you are nostalgic about some DVD and CD collections, then consider digitalization and move everything into cyberspace. Your pictures and other documents are safe in the digital world once you upload them to the cloud.

One-in and One-out rule

The greatest tip to downsizing your space is to follow the ‘one-in and one-out rule’. For example, if you get a new pair of shoes, then get rid of the old one immediately. This way, you will never be able to hoard much stuff inside the tiny house.

KonMari Method

Downsizing is a cathartic experience, and decluttering a home with tips from Marie Kondo makes things simpler. Although Marie Kondo may not be a tiny home dweller, she is the queen of minimalism. This Japanese consultant can offer you great tips to declutter and downsize. She suggests decluttering and organizing by category. For example, tackle books first and then go to the wardrobe. Hold each item in your hands and decide whether it brings you joy. If not, the item should go into the ‘to go’ pile. Neatly folding the clothes also frees up a lot of space inside the wardrobe.

Downsize in stages 

If you find downsizing overwhelming and challenging, gradually embracing minimalism can ease the process. Take one day at a time and move into a smaller room from a big apartment. Instead of making a sudden change, take your time and gradually move into smaller spaces and minimize your needs. Until you are ready to commit, downsizing in stages is a great way before you taste the practicalities of living in a tiny home.


Clever Storage 

If you still need to get more comfortable with downsizing, check out our blog (https://rb.gy/b2o1g9) to learn creative ways to store your possessions. Utilizing the space above window frames, gaps beneath the bed, and cupboard doors are a few ways to give yourself additional storage space.

Talk with the experts before downsizing 

You can now ask the builders whether the ongoing prebuilt tiny homes for sale offer customization and if you can go for larger spaces. Connect with multiple builders via TinyHouseMe for priority service. Book an appointment today.