Top 5 Tiny House YouTube Channels To Binge in 2023

Tiny homes are immensely popular in the USA and are garnering interest all over the world. Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with beautiful tiny home designs, and tiny home dwellers are coming up with innovative ideas about living comfortably in a tiny home. At this time, binge-watching YouTube channels to build your own tiny house can give you a good idea of what it’s about. We have listed 5 YouTube channels that are worth your time and interesting to watch. TinyHouseMe is the one-stop destination, if you are looking for trusted builders to build your own tiny house. We connect you with 100s of tiny home builders across the US and Canada and provide you with valuable information about tiny houses. In addition, you can find helpful resources for planning and financing your tiny home project. However, now, let’s check out how people live tiny, debt-free, and comfortably. These 5 YouTube channels will bring out the real picture and the truth about tiny homes and sustainable living.


The Top 5 Tiny House YouTube Channels 

  • Tiny Home Tours: 

This is one of the most entertaining YouTube channels that is a must-watch. Standing true to its name, the channel is completely dedicated to showing some of the most wonderful tiny home models. The channel has more than a million subscribers, and the videos are of professional quality, coming out every week, which keeps you hooked with great content. 

You will find numerous bus and van tours in this channel, as well as static tiny homes. If you are unsure whether you want to build your own tiny house on wheels or get one on a foundation, this channel can help. The channel has around 1k videos and over 1.27M subscribers. The creators chose to stay behind the scenes and allow tiny houses and builders to take center stage, which we love. 

  • Tiny House YouTube Channel – Wild Wonderful Off-Grid:

Next up on this list is Wild Wonderful Off-Grid. The channel shows us how a family of 5 builds a tiny home. The tiny house is in the form of an A-frame cabin and they place it in the heart of their woodland property. The channel has over 1.05M subscribers and 369 videos.

If you are looking to take the leap into off-grid living, this channel will motivate you. You can check out how they build their tiny house and also take notes on how to raise the livestock, take care of the farm and live off the land with three kids in tow. The family teaches that nothing is impossible through their videos, provided you are prepared for hard work. 

  • Living Off Grid W/ Jake and Nicole

This channel is worth a watch as the couple, Jake and Nicole feature vlog-style videos on their channel. You get to see how the couple builds a yurt and starts living off the grid in the forest. Their journey is entertaining and adventurous, and one will love their lifestyle. The couple shows all things you need to build a yurt and also how they follow a vegan, homegrown diet while living off the grid. If you are looking for an honest account of tiny living and want to get inspired by tiny home living, then this channel deserves your time. The channel has 1.92 million subscribers and around 315 videos worth watching.

  •    Exploring Alternative: 

On this channel, people tell amazing stories about their alternative lifestyles. Each video brings a distinctive perspective on residing differently, from long-term travelers to tiny house dwellers. 

The one thing about Exploring Alternative that will make you fall in love with this channel is that this channel is not just about exquisite homes and dreamy lifestyles, but it also focuses on the hard work and dedication that is paramount for leading an alternative lifestyle. In all their videos, you will find the talented Canadian couple, Danielle and Mat, advocating that it’s possible to lead a meaningful and sustainable life in a tiny home. The channel has 2.26M subscribers and around 325 videos, covering all topics related to living tiny.

  •    Cabinland: 

Next up on our list is another popular YouTube channel, Cabinland. Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood are constructing mind-boggling cabins in the middle of the USA’s rainforests. If you want to build your own tiny home in the shape of a cabin, then Cabinland is a must-watch for you. Jacob will walk through a step-by-step process in his cabin tutorials.

There are “How to” series, where you will find videos on how to moss a roof and how to design a patterned floor. Not just that, you will also find “Cabinland: The Series” on Sara and Jacob’s YouTube channel. This six-episode mini-series mainly follows Sara and Jacob as they hunt for different ideas on Cabinland and design their first marvelous cabin on their property. The cabin is unlike any other one, making Cabinland worth watching. This channel is a must-watch if you plan to design your cabin in the woods. The channel has around 445K subscribers and around 44 videos.


Final Take: 

So, here is a list of the top 5 tiny house YouTube channels that are a must-watch for anyone who wants to build their own tiny home. If you are inspired by watching these YouTube channels and want to build your own tiny house, you should connect with established tiny house builders near you. Now, you can do so via TinyHouseMe.We are an online directory consisting of a list of all trusted tiny home builders all across the USA and Canada. Contact with them via us and receive a quick response and faster service from the builders.