The 5 Tiny House Documentaries You Need To Watch!

As someone interested in living in prebuilt tiny homes, you must be curious about the tiny house lifestyle. Plenty of builders offer prebuilt tiny homes for sale, and the trusted ones are reachable at TinyHouseMe. However, before getting into the tiny home movement, why not watch a few tiny home documentaries to know the details about living in a tiny home? Here are a few tiny home documentaries that are worth a watch.


We the Tiny House People

Released in April 2012, this documentary features the journey of individuals looking for a minimalist lifestyle. These people want a simple and self-sufficient life by building shelter in trailers, tool sheds, caves, converted garages, riverboats, and even pigeon coops. TV producer, director, and internet-video personality Kristen Dirksen enlightened us about the realities of living in a tiny home. This documentary is an 81-minute runtime and gives you the real picture of the challenges faced when planning a sustainable off-grid lifestyle. You will find this enthralling documentary on Kirsten’s YouTube channel and it’s surely worth your time.

Living Small: A Tiny House Documentary

Stephen Hewitt directs this documentary and explores the world of prebuilt tiny homes through the lives of tiny home dwellers at the forefront of this movement. The focus of the documentary is on the spotlight of Anderson Page as he builds his first tiny home. The challenges and rewards of building a DIY tiny home are what this documentary is all about. Released in 2014, the documentary has a 41-minute runtime and will keep you glued to your seat until the end. You will find this documentary on Amazon Prime Video.

Small is Beautiful – A Tiny House Documentary

The mortgage-free lifestyle of tiny home dwellers has inspired many to switch from traditional housing to a tiny house. This documentary straightaway dives into the lives of 4 people building their own tiny house. The goal is to live a mortgage-free life, and as they build their own tiny home, they realize that living tiny is more than just living in a home.

While Ben faces issues to build his DIY tiny home, Nikki and Mitchell are a couple struggling to adapt to this new lifestyle with their pet dogs. As they build the tiny home, the couple faces challenges that test their relationship. On the other end, Karin realizes that a tiny home is a great alternative to traditional houses. This 2015 tiny home documentary produced by Tiny House Film shows us the challenges and doubts faced by these 4 people in their pursuit to live in a tiny home.

You can watch the film at This documentary has a 68-minute runtime, was directed by Jeremy Beasley, and was released on April 30, 2015.

TINY: A Story About Living Small

This documentary is about the life of two young couples who have decided to embrace minimalism by building their own tiny home. Turning 30, Christopher is interested in putting down his roots and wants to try the tiny house lifestyle after being inspired by the tiny home movement. However, the problem is Christopher has no construction experience and hasn’t built anything to date. This documentary will answer what a home is and how to find one. It highlights how families have transitioned to tiny homes that are even smaller than regular parking spaces. The documentary questions sustainability, innovation, and the changing American dream. 

Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller, who starred in the documentary, were winners of the Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2013 and have won the Green Planet Award. The documentary was also nominated for SXSW Film Festival 2013 in the Audience Award. Released on March 9, 2013, this documentary has a 66-minute runtime and is directed by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller. You can watch this documentary on YouTube – released by Film Courage.

Summer of (Family) Love: Tiny Home VW- Road Trip Documentary

Another masterpiece from Kirsten Dirksen is on the list. This documentary has Kirsten and her family of five. The family has ventured on the road and attempted to live with the bare necessities. From Craigslist, Kirsten and her husband purchased a cheap VW Westfalia campervan and moved in to find out how much shelter her family needed. The family was limited to one backpack per person, and the kids had to learn to live in the 50 square feet mobile house. In this road trip documentary, you will meet tiny home dwellers like Steve Saucer, Tammy, Logan, and Dee Williams. 

Dee Williams used to live in a 200-square-foot house that had three big bedrooms. After traveling to Guatemala, she realized that her house was too big and decided to build a tiny home for herself. This tiny home was an 84-square-foot house on wheels.

On the other hand, Tammy and Logan downsized from their 2-bedroom apartment and started living a simplified life in a 128 square feet tiny home.

For Kirsten and her family, this trip was a realization of how simply they can live with less. Watch this one on YouTube and get inspired to live in a campervan.

Final Words

Tiny home documentaries, TV shows, and books help in offering ideas about the tiny home lifestyle. Living in prebuilt tiny homes is not a picnic; it’s a serious commitment that requires proper planning. To plan and build the tiny home of your dreams, connect with established builders only. The good news is that you can now connect with a trusted tiny home builder to buy prebuilt tiny homes for sale at TinyHouseMe. We ensure you get a quick response and priority service from established builders.