The Best Tiny Home Builders of 2023

As houses in the US are getting bigger and prices are escalating, the shift towards the polar opposite has been gaining momentum. Americans are attracted to tiny homes as they are more affordable, have less carbon footprint, and require minimal home maintenance. As a result, the demand for tiny house on a foundationand those built on trailers are ever-increasing and finding established home builders have become more important than ever. TV shows and tiny home villages sprouting all over the country have led to an increase in the number of builders, making the selection challenging and time-consuming. Colorado, Oregon, and Tennessee have more ‘tiny home builders’ than others, and it’s probably because these states are more ‘tiny home friendly’ than the rest. If you are planning to build a tiny home, we recommend checking the license of the builder with the local licensing board, speaking to previous clients, and using our platform to get competitive pricing. Getting multiple bids is ideal to ensure that you get a fair price and that the quotations include a comprehensive scope of work. Here are some builders to consider and factors to remember before starting the building process. 


AKD Homes 

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the builders at AKD Homes build Conventional and Modern ADUs from pre-designed models. They also customize new ADUs, right from scratch to finish. The engineers and designers have years of experience and can construct high-quality tiny homes that suit your lifestyle. Set up a call or book an appointment via TinyHouseMe for faster response and competitive pricing. 

Alternative Living Spaces 

Located in Las Vegas, NV, the builder is an industry leader in the container housing industry. In the wave of modern modular housing construction, the builder can customize the home and make the housing model the right choice for you. TinyHouseMe has showcased their models on the website, and there is also a floor plan attached, giving you a peek into the interior layout design. 

American Tiny House 

The builders construct tiny house on foundationand cabins that are durable, energy-efficient, low maintenance, and offers extreme comfort. In addition, the tiny homes built by these builders are aesthetically pleasing and have a low carbon footprint. American Tiny House has one of the industry’s most skilled and dedicated professionals and can offer you eye-catching tiny homes within a budget. Get in touch with skilled and dedicated professionals now! Connect via an online directory to get priority service from the builders. 

Cascade Country Cabins

We introduce you to Kevin Taal and Tammy Taal, who are log home builders and offer fine craftsmanship and exceptional customer service for building tiny homes, customized log homes, and log house kits. The log home builders offer unique floor plans and creative interior designs to provide you with the perfect cabin that meets with the standard of excellence you expect and deserve. 

DREC Construction Services Inc division of Hubbard Building Inc.

With over two decades of experience in the ADU niche, the builders are experienced and can turn carriage houses and underutilized garages into liveable spaces. The structures comply with the local building codes and easily attain the permits. In addition, the builders here offer in-house financing and allow you to explore ways to create an ROI. 

Hilltop Structures

If you are looking for prebuilt modular cabins, RV cabins, and portable storage buildings, then come to Hilltop Structures. The builders customize the cabins and offer competitive prices. The builders also offer long-distance delivery and meet the expectations of every customer. Instead of patiently waiting for your appointment, connect via TinyHouseMe to book an appointment at the earliest. 

Homes To Go

When you are looking for luxurious prefab and modular homes that adhere to FHA, VA, and USDA home foundations, choose the builders at Homes To Go! The family-owned and operated business has over 90 years of combined experience and thousands of happy customers throughout Texas, Kanas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The tiny homes are affordable, premium-quality, and designed keeping functionality in mind. 

Homestead Log Homes

Get spectacular log cabins customized to suit your taste and lifestyle from the builders at Homestead Log Homes. This locally owned and operated business in Oregon has over 30 years of experience and is one of the industry leaders in building and manufacturing tiny home log cabins. Check out the cabin models showcased at TinyHouseMe. 

Uncharted Tiny Homes

With over 12 years of building and remodeling experience, Uncharted Tiny Homes builds custom tiny homes that are strong and can stand the test of time and elements. If you want a tiny home on a foundation or a vacation house on a plot of land, then the builders can offer you affordable choices. 



Finding the right builder is the first step toward tiny home building. You need to have an open line of communication with the tiny home builder to achieve the perfect home structure that everyone is thrilled with! Instead of spending hours researching for trusted builders online, connect with multiple builders at TinyHouseMe. The online directory showcases different tiny home models and connects you with experienced builders all across US and Canada. Book an appointment to interview the builder to ensure that the finished product is more than just a tiny house – it becomes your home! 

Are You Considering Retiring to a Tiny House? You Need To Read This First!

Although the tiny home movement seems like a millennial thing, it’s also highly popular among retirees. Tiny house experts estimate that retirees and older adults inhabit 40% of tiny homes. The decision of older adults to spend their retired life inside a tiny home has precipitated because the tiny houses offer financial freedom, locational independence, and simplistic life. Additionally, the retirees prefer to live in a tiny house as they can cut costs and move away from the hustle-bustle of the city to settle in the countryside. However, tiny houses are not for everyone. If you don’t get an established builder to build the tiny home, the tiny spaces can look tight and cramped up with narrow ladders, making the stay difficult. There are many elements to consider when building a tiny home. Connect with established builders via TinyHouseMe to build the perfect structure that aligns with your lifestyle.

Get the lifestyle you desire

The tiny house can help you achieve many kinds of retirement aspirations:

Granny Pods – These are ADUs or ‘accessory dwelling units’ that are designed keeping safety and accessibility in mind. The granny pod is like a ‘modified guest house.’ If you want to be near your grandchildren, consider moving into the backyard. Build a tiny home on your adult child’s property to stay close. The tiny homes need to be customized and installed depending on the local zoning laws. Ask the builder for slip-resistant flooring, rounded countertops, and wide doorways to make the stay safe and comfortable.

Tiny home community – Just like typical senior living communities with smaller homes like condos, small apartments, and mobile homes – tiny home communities are small domiciles with more variation and communal feature styles. These communities are ideal for retirees who are done with the mansion lifestyle and now want the freedom of living their best life in a tiny home.

Vacation homes – Not every tiny homeowner downsizes for retirement. The real truth is that most retirees report wanting a tiny home to keep their social connections and have a continued stay in their family home. They want to have a home for their vacations, and tiny homes on wheels offer a perfect solution to enjoy their free time with friends and family.

Tiny home hitting the road – Tiny homes on wheels are quite popular among retirees. They are built with lightweight materials and are able to tow without difficulty. The homes are designed for living on the road and get built on a trailer offering great mobility. Although tiny homes on wheels are suitable for travel, they are not as mobile as an RV and are more home-like and heavier.

Tiny homes are more than just 4 walls and a roof 

If you are enthusiastic about starting to live in a tiny home, here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

  • Downsizing your possessions
  • Adjustments inside a tiny home as you get older
  • How many visitors do you want to accommodate inside the tiny house? 
  • Clever storage ideas to enjoy maximum space

Advantages of going tiny for the retirees 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a tiny house to enjoy your retired life.

  • Eliminate mortgage – Did you know that 68% of tiny homeowners have no mortgages? When you choose downsized living, you have minimal expenses, which helps you release the financial burden and pay off the lingering mortgages.
  • Less space means less cleaning – Regular housekeeping is faster and simpler inside a tiny home.
  • Lower utility bills – Going tiny saves both time and money. A smaller home needs less money to cool, heat, and furnish. For retirees living on a fixed income, the idea of cutting down their monthly expenses is an attractive proposal.
  • Fewer repairs – Tiny homes have fewer appliances and require minimal maintenance.

Finding and Buying a Tiny Home

A quick Google search might get you a list of tiny home builders, but why not save time and get connected with established builders under one platform? While some choose to build their own tiny houses, getting local permits and labor is a concern. Buying tiny home kits, prefab structures, and a tiny home foundation within a budget is great and you can get useful recommendations from TinyHouseMe. If you are looking for competitive pricing and seeking to get in touch with reliable builders, then connect via TinyHouseMe. We ensure you get matched with the right builder and find the perfect tiny home of your choice.