The Top 7 Magazines About Tiny Houses

If you are done reading tiny home books, listening to tiny home podcasts, and binge-watching tiny home documentaries and YouTube videos, it’s time to be inspired and stay updated with tiny home magazines. Whether you are looking for tiny cabins for sale or want more tips for living the minimalist life peacefully, these well-written magazines are perfect to be devoured by any Tiny Living enthusiast.


Some of the Best Tiny House Magazines 

Tiny House Magazine 

You can read it at:

Frequency: Monthly

Price: $50 per annual subscription 


This American magazine has made it first to our list. It is the world’s only Digital Magazine dedicated to micro, small, tiny, and, most importantly, non-conventional housing options. 

An American publication, we cannot call this “a mini-magazine.” It’s a 100-page packed magazine focusing on everything from sneak peeks at new tiny living books and delectable recipes designed specifically for tiny house kitchens. 

Tiny Living Scandinavia   

You can read it at:

Frequency: Weekly 

Price: Free 


This is an online magazine focusing on alternative and tiny lifestyles. This book goes a long way in circulating the love for Scandi-inspired tiny design and Scandinavian tiny living the world over.  

Tiny Living Scandinavia covers everything from building content to in-depth design. This magazine will also walk you through the entire process of constructing or purchasing a tiny home right from the build-up. Get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes lifestyle and read fascinating interviews of full-time tiny homeowners.  

Klein Wonen Magazine   

You can read it at:

Frequency: 4 issues per year 

Price: Free


Besides tiny houses on wheels, you will also find container homes, prefab cabins, apartments, studios, vans, and nomad tents in this magazine. Here, you will find the perfect amalgamation of lifestyle and practical content. You will also find some of the latest tiny living developments in the Netherlands, including the community spotlights. Although the book is accessible in Dutch right now, it’s worth a read (if you can translate) as you will be enlightened with the latest tiny home developments.

Tiny Living Magazine 

You can read it at:

 Frequency: Monthly 

Price: Free


In this magazine you will find the most unorthodox tiny designs. This magazine can be a perfect fun read and a great break from extensive building content. The writer, Pamela Polongue, inspires the readers to value experiences rather than seek pleasure in material possessions. The magazine is worth a read to find quirky tiny home designs before you start your tiny home journey. 

Vital Camp Magazine

You can read it at 

Frequency: Twice annually 

Price: Free 


This is a splendid small German magazine from the house of established tiny home builders. 

As you flip through the magazine, you will find lifestyle ideas and content, recent projects, and information on their newest products. 

Kiwi Tiny Home 

You can read it at

Frequency: Still not known 

Price: Free 


This magazine looks more like a blog but has been made to the list for numerous reasons. The magazine is so captivating that it will convince you to ship your tiny home over and start a new life – living tiny.  

If you are looking for suggestive content that will captivate your attention, educate you on a particular aspect or two, and introduce you to the beautiful world of tiny homes that you have only dreamt about, this magazine might be the best for you. 

Tiny Mag 

You can read it at: 

Frequency: Monthly 

Price: Free 


Tiny Mag is an online Australian magazine primarily dedicated to tiny homes and gives you a distinct new picture of this minimalist lifestyle.  

In this magazine, you will find articles on constructing and living in tiny homes in specific regions of Australia, together with buying and building guides. 


Final Take: 

So, which magazine is the best among them? It would be unfair to choose one as it all depends on personal preferences. 

But one thing can be said for certain, all the aforementioned tiny house magazines have brilliant content that isn’t just informative but fun to read. You will also witness numerous beautiful photographs of tiny houses. 

Reading these magazines will boost you with a wealth of information and educate you. 

After reading these magazines, if you feel that tiny home living might be the thing for you, then you can now find top-notch tiny cabins for sale showcased here. Just scroll through the list of established tiny home builders across the USA and Canada, compare the quotations, and choose your preferred builder. At TinyHouseMe, we will help you connect directly with the chosen builder and schedule your appointment at the earliest. Contact the builders via us and enjoy priority service and quick responses from them. 

Log Cabin Books That You Must-Read!

Summer is all about log cabins. Log cabin fever is in the air, and these few log cabin books are a unique collection of engaging narratives offering the reader an opportunity to explore the world of tiny cabins. The log cabin stories are captivating and will challenge you to open your mind to a new perspective on living in a tiny home. If you plan to buy tiny cabins for sale, you can reach out to trusted tiny home builders via TinyHouseMe. However, reading these books will give you the real picture of building and living in a tiny cabin. So, check out the books that will match your vibes this summer.


Log Cabins – The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Log Cabin

  • Author: William Anderson

This is one of the best books for anyone planning to buy tiny cabins for sale from an established builder. The book is written by an experienced craftsman and offers the readers detailed information, instructions, and helpful advice on constructing the log cabin from start to finish. This book is helpful as you can learn more about the materials and tools needed for building a cabin foundation, installing roofing and flooring, erecting the walls, insulating the cabins, waterproofing, and performing general maintenance. As a reader, you can learn more about saving money while building a log home and other design possibilities and features you can incorporate inside a tiny cabin. This book is a valuable resource for easily building your own log cabin.

How To Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Maintaining a Backcountry Getaway

  • Author: J. Wayne Fears

This book is comprehensive research material with step-by-step instructions, blueprints, photos, and diagrams for creating the perfect backcountry getaway. You will get helpful tips on choosing a site, gathering building materials, deciding on the cabin design, and managing the property. The book offers detailed information about add-ons for the building, like an outhouse, shooting ranges, or outside fire ring. The book goes beyond building a tiny cabin and focuses on increasing security and other maintenance issues like dealing with wildfire risks, pets, and more. If you want to own a cabin in the wood, this book is a must-read.

Back to the Cabin: More Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway

  • Author: Dale Mulfinger

This book is a must for any log cabin enthusiast. The book is an updated sequel of the best-seller, The Cabin, and educates the reader about 37 unique rustic cabin designs that are simple yet has the classic American charm. The writer discusses how these cabins can become a practical accommodation in today’s hi-tech world. You will get detailed floor plans, diagrams, and 3D renderings to help you visualize and customize the cabin design. As a reader, you learn how to redesign the cabin while preserving the original character. This book is invaluable for anyone dreaming of living in a tiny cabin.

Cabins & Cottages: The Basics of Building a Getaway Retreat for Hunting, Camping, and Rustic Living

  • Author: Skills Institute Press

If you plan to build a cabin in a remote location, this book is a great choice. This book is great for experienced builders or people just starting their tiny home journey. The book offers good guidance and tips, from choosing a tiny cabin to cleaning the space to adding amenities. You will get detailed information about A-frame cabins and log homes with roof frames and suggestions about dealing with weather extremities like earthquakes, high winds, heavy snowfall, floods, and everything you ever needed to know. The book is a wealth of knowledge presented by professional cabin builders and has helpful illustrations that enlighten and engage the readers. The book is written in an approachable style and offers insightful information about building a safe and comfortable tiny cabin.

Log Cabins

The Complete Guide To Log Homes: How To Buy, Build, and Maintain Your Dream Home

  • Author: Jeff Cremer

This book offers an in-depth overview of building a log cabin from start to finish and covers all topics related to constructing, selecting, and maintaining a tiny cabin. The book will guide selecting the right cabin that fits the budget and helps in site selection. In addition, the book talks about energy efficiency, construction concerns, and estimated costs. Readers find the book helpful due to helpful illustrations that tell in detail how every step can be accomplished properly. With this resource, you are better aware about the nitty-gritty details of buying tiny cabins for sale or building your own unique structure. 


Final Words

These books have a lot of information about log cabins and will offer you invaluable knowledge and tips to make your life easier in a cabin. Each book has unique content and is readable even for novices. The books are easy to understand and digest, and the helpful illustrations help plan the tiny log cabin. However, DIY cabins have durability issues, and many structures need a permit before you start living in them. Therefore, buying tiny cabins for sale from trusted builders is ideal as you get durable structures that adhere to the building codes and zoning ordinances. To contact trusted tiny home builders, sign up at TinyHouseMe. We connect you faster with the builders and ensure priority service.


How Much Does a Tiny Cabin Cost?

The exact cost of a tiny cabin depends on several factors, like location, size, additional features, and other amenities. The size determines the cost of a tiny cabin; as the larger the size, the more expensive the cabin. Again, opting for premade tiny cabins for sale will help you save more than going for the customized ones built from scratch. However, you also need to consider the engineering fees and the cost of the building materials to get an accurate estimate of the price of the tiny cabin. In this case, choosing a trusted builder is a great way to get a good quality tiny cabin that fits your budget and has all the amenities you seek. At TinyHouseMe, you can connect to 100s of tiny home builders under one platform. We ensure you get a quick revert and priority service from the builders. However, it’s more necessary to know the potential cost of a tiny cabin and the breakdown across many areas like land, construction, finishing, and more.


Land cost

The cost of land varies significantly depending on the location. Even within states, land costs vary drastically as some places are more expensive than others. For example, on average, the cost of land per acre in Wyoming is over $1,500, whereas in Texas, the cost is closer to $7,542. Merely using the location to calculate the cost of land does not tell the full story, as any piece of land away from hospitals, internet, phone coverage, and emergency services will cost less than the land close to infrastructure and amenities. If you want to strike a good deal, ensure that you do not overlook the utilities that come with the land and be aware of what doesn’t. 

People underestimate some costs that can balloon the overall cost of a tiny cabin. For example, if you construct a road from the cabin to the main road or you need to drill a well for water supply, then costs can boom up to a six-figure number. However, you must ensure you have the land permit before setting up your tiny cabin in that location.

Cost of materials and supplies

Materials required for constructing the structure, like framing lumber, roofing materials, insulation, windows, and siding, determine the cost of the tiny cabin. Additional items like plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, and heating and cooling systems make a difference in the cost of the tiny cabin. A good tiny cabin builder can give you an overall cost estimate that fits your budget. If you are looking for a trusted and established builder, TinyHouseMe can help you. We book your appointment with your chosen builder to make you connect faster and easier with the professional tiny cabin builder.

Factors that affect the cost of a tiny cabin

Cabin Type: Depending on the cabin type, prices vary.

  • Traditional cabins – Build from scratch. These cabins require a lot of labor, making them less popular among others. These cabins can be customized and are generally built on a foundation.
  • Modular cabin kits – The most popular choice. They require minimal labor, are easy to assemble, and are comparatively affordable. You can either assemble the DIY cabins yourself or hire expert cabin builders for the job.
  • Prefab cabins – This cabin is built off-site and transported to the site. These cabins have fewer variations and generally are available in A-frame or post and beam styles.
  • Hybrid cabins – These cabins combine prefab sections with sections built on the site. In other words, some sections are pre assembled and transported from the factory, while the rest are made from scratch.

Proposals to reduce the costs of a tiny cabin

It’s essential to do some research to cut costs while purchasing a tiny cabin.

DIY cabin construction vs. hiring a professional

Building a cabin by yourself is fraught with many risks. Doing it yourself might look cheaper, but you spend more as you need to buy tools, equipment, and raw materials for the construction. On the other hand, a professional with years of experience can build cabins as per your budget and needs. Moreover, hiring a professional builder will save time and get more durable cabins with a warranty certificate. Involving a professional is a smart choice as you don’t have to deal with the complexity of the project. From planning to design, the professionals build the structure as per the building codes guaranteeing higher ROI in terms of quality and energy/time saved.



As per, on an average, the cost of tiny cabins for sale is around $75,000, and the larger ones might exceed $200,000. However, various other factors determine the cost of the tiny cabin, and researching for a good professional builder is imperative to find a good structure at an affordable price. At TinyHouseMe, we have showcased beautiful tiny cabins that are reasonably priced. Sign up to connect with several builders and receive multiple quotes for your tiny home project.


5 Best Tiny Log Cabin Builders in 2023

Tiny cabins are very different from typical stick-built houses. The cabin homes have a distinctive building process, and there are certain features that ensure you are living comfortably in your new space. You will come across unique challenges when you decide to get tiny cabins for sale online. Many builders are passionate about building and delivering these artistic homes to customers. But choosing the right builder is tricky. Here are the qualities of a good tiny cabin builder:

  • Willing to answer all your questions
  • Can customize the tiny cabin and be flexible for accommodating features throughout the building process
  • It comes with floor plans and blueprints
  • Have enough experience to avoid cabin home building pitfalls
  • Go for a trusted and certified builder and connect via TinyHouseMe

Yes, we are an online directory, making it easier and simpler for you to find established log cabin builders across US and Canada. Now get connected with not only but several tiny home builders to receive multiple quotes and compare and choose the cabin model that’s perfect for you. Although there are more than 100s tiny home builders on our platform, we have narrowed it down to 5 log cabin builders who offer quality models at a competitive price.

Read More: Where Is the Best Place To Buy a Log Cabin?


Ulrich Lifestyle

Since 1990, Ulrich has been a premier builder of log cabins in the US. The superior craftsmanship and high-grade materials distinguish these cabins from ordinary log homes. Their log cabins are articulately designed and aesthetically pleasing, bringing folks back to the roots and reconnecting with nature. Ulrich cabins come with a warranty and a lease-to-purchase program. You will also get assistance in permitting to make the cabin purchase easier. The customer service is exceptional, and by connecting via TinyHouseMe, you will surely get a faster response and priority service from the builders.

Ulrich Lifestyle

Cascade Country Cabins

Kevin Taal and Tammy Dryden are the new owners of Cascade Country Cabins, as its founder, Ben Sciacca, has retired. Established in 1985, the log cabin builders have made a name for themselves for their quality workmanship and consulting. Ben retired in 2021, but the good news is that the new operators, Tammy and Kevin, are hands-on operators and leave no stone unturned to make your dream cabin come live. These cabins come with floor plans and blueprints. The drive-thru kits are easy to assemble, and the designs are eye-catching too. The unique log cabins come in various sizes and designs, and the packages start at $15,000.

Cascade Country Cabins

Hilltop Structures

Located in Dickson County in the Northwest of Nashville, Tennessee, the home builders offer high-quality cabins to customers in Southern Kentucky, Northern Alabama, and Tennessee. These cabins are licensed for the entire state of Tennessee and the builders offer models in all 50 states of America. You can get these beautiful cabins at factory-direct rates, but instead of waiting for days to get reverted, sign up at TinyHouseMe. We connect you directly with the builders at Hilltop Structures by placing you at the front of the line for the builder for a faster response. You can also book an appointment with the builders by joining our platform. So, no more endlessly waiting in the queue; connect directly now!

Hilltop Structures

Homestead Log Homes

For more than 40 years, Homestead Log Homes have been one of the leading builders and manufacturers of high-end custom log cabins. The cabin houses are handcrafted and engineered for living comfortably. The log materials are manufactured from the highest quality materials, hand-peeled, dry Pine, Cedar, or Fir. These builders offer five building programs, and the structures are built from a decked shell to a turn-key completion stage. You can choose the DIY packages or opt for the Standard Package or upgraded Premier Package. The standard and premier packages are personalized plans. All the packages are engineered to meet the building code requirements and are competitively priced. In addition, the builders are certified and have been Oregon General Operators since 1980. Want to establish a direct connection? Get in touch with this licensed builder via TinyHouseMe to get priority service.

Mountain Ridge Log Homes

For the last 20 years, Mountain Ridge Handcrafted Homes have been in the industry helping families build their dream houses. The builders offer customized log home plans and use high-quality materials to develop cabins with unique aesthetics that are strategically planned to meet your needs. The cabins are built with Western Red Cedar trees and offer optimal insulation for comfortable living. The use of red cedar wood makes the log cabin resistant to decay, termite infestation, and extreme climatic changes. In addition, the builders offer blueprints and floor plans beforehand, ensuring your cabin customization and purchase process are a breeze.

Mountain Ridge Log Homes


Final Thoughts

If you want to find tiny cabins for sale from established and trusted manufacturers and builders, then a random search on the net won’t help and will waste your time. TinyHouseMe has simplified searching to make things easier for you. On our platform, you will find 100s of the cabin and tiny home builders offering high-quality structures at competitive prices. So, sign up to book your appointment with your favorite builder today.