100’s of Solutions to downsize your primary living space or to add an Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Small cabins, small and tiny houses, and other alternative housing are providing needed options for today’s lifestyles. Live large in a small house, which can be luxuriously equipped with modern amenities and spectacular styles. Start here to find your new home today.

Tiny House on Wheels

Want to move? Change your view? Migrate south for the winter? You have the special ability to take your home with you as you travel.

Tiny House on Foundation

A charming and cozy small or tiny house for you to live in. Place your tiny house in a backyard, on acres of farmland, next to the ocean, or in the forest. These homes are known for blending in practically anywhere.


Bring the outdoors with you in these traditional wooden tiny houses. Enjoy a not so tiny, small Cabin that blends in perfectly in your setting.


Looking for a home that promotes community and a friendly atmosphere? A yurt will do just that. Learn about this alternative housing choice.