Questions To Ask Your Tiny Home Builder

Did you know tiny home sales make up to 1% in the US, as per the reports of One Desk? The sale number is rapidly growing as people are excited to declutter, downsize and experience the tiny home lifestyle. As tiny homes become more popular, the lookout for established builders is also rising. Choosing an established, independent builder is imperative if you want to build your own tiny house and get the structure customized. Just as the decision to build your own tiny home shouldn’t be taken lightly, the need for a trusted builder is equally important. A major part of tiny home building is how the builder aligns your expectations with their ability to manufacture the model you want. Here are six questions you need to ask a tiny home builder before deciding. 


Are you a registered and insured builder?

This is an important question to ask your builder. If a builder is registered with the concerned governing body, their work will be reviewed by the state, local, or 3rd party inspectors. An insured builder is a coveted catch as they will have adequate insurance in case of any mishaps or accidents that might occur during the building phase of the tiny home. However, depending on the building standard of your tiny home, the builder’s work is reviewed after completion by the certification company or governing body. A tiny house needs to be build in compliance with International Residential Codes. TinyHouseMe assures that you get connected to trusted builders across US and Canada. We also showcase tiny home models manufactured by the builders to give you an idea of what’s in store once you connect. 

Can you provide me with a definitive price for the tiny home?

This is another important question to ask as it can help you plan for a loan and how budget the expenses. Some builders will give you an estimate right away, while others will ask for more time to determine the total cost based on customization and materials required. Lock the price once it comes, and make sure there are no hidden expenses. Check the terms of your contract to avoid unpleasant surprises. Additionally, ensure your builder is open to handling changes after signing the contract. At times, an additional fee might be charged for changes in the design, but you need to be specifically upfront about these factors before taking the plunge. 

What kind of contracts are utilized, and what’s included? 

Most tiny home builders use standard contracts to cover the basic scope of work. There might be additional clauses beneficial to you as a buyer, but it’s essential to understand the kind of contract used by the builder and whether there are any changes or additions you might seek. The more detailed the contract, the better it is for you. Check out what’s included in the contract and ask the builder to discuss the details with you. Ensure that every aspect is included, from materials, warranty, to labor and delivery. You can also ask a lawyer to review the tiny home contract before you seal the deal with the builder. 

What is the warranty provided by you?

Generally, tiny home builders offer a 1- or 2-year warranty on materials and labor. However, some established builders also offer 5-to-15-year warranties. It’s important to ask about the warranty as it ensures what’s covered and what’s not. If the tiny home builder you have chosen is out-of-state, find out what to do when there is a warranty issue. Will the builders send an expert for the repairs, or do you need to pay and send your home on wheels to them? Talk to the builders about the process of filing a claim when something goes wrong. Ask for details like how long the coverage lasts and if there are any stipulations as to when things won’t be covered under warranty. Asking questions beforehand ensures peace of mind and prevents you from panicking when things break down. Once you ask about warranty, bring up insurance and find out what they have to offer you about insuring the tiny home. 

Do you offer to finance the tiny home, or can you recommend some providers? 

Financing a tiny home is not easy, as getting a traditional mortgage is simply out of the question. Instead, you can opt for RV loans and personal loans, but getting a good lender and knowing the nitty-gritty details is a challenge. Many home builders offer in-house financing or can connect you with a lender to finance your tiny house project. However, an easy way out would be to connect with a builder via TinyHouseMe. We connect you with a trusted builder and offer expert help in financing the project. 


What is the lead time? 

A professional builder will clearly tell you when to expect your home construction to be complete. A clear timeline from the builder ensures you have everything in place, the foundation-site is fully prepared, and all your belongings are sorted. When you plan to build your own tiny home, then an experienced and trusted builder is ideal rather than choosing a random one from the internet. 

Final Words 

Choosing a builder to build your own tiny house and get the structure customized is the 1st step and also the most important one. However, most established tiny home builders are too busy to respond to random questions, which is why TinyHouseMe can help. We connect you with the builders and ensure faster response from them. Customers from our end get priority service and help in financing and planning the project.