16′ Yurt

Starting at $10,500


804.25 sq. ft.



We recommend a round foundation that meets the exact diameter of your yurt for the best seal. We do provide plans for wood framed decks with all of our yurts. Our deck plans call for 2×6 tongue and groove spruce deck boards that make up your subfloor and finished floor all in 1 step. This material makes for a great seal, is cost effective, has a beautiful finish and being that spruce is a softer wood it doesn’t move around with humidity swings and looks great for years.


We use a vinyl coated polyester for our external coverings. This is a material that has been used in the marine industry for years and is a proven durable material that wont mold or fade and doesn’t have a smell. It comes with a 7 year factory warranty and comes in 15 different colors. Check out the Options below!

We use a Double bubble Reflective Insulation sandwiched between two layers of Material. This is a super efficient material and is the industry standard and provides a great vapor barrier.


You have your choice of 1 or 2 doors and the location of the doors.

YURT ADDITIONAL WINDOWS (+$250 per additional window)

Windows- Each Yurt comes with a set number of Vinyl Glass Single Hung Low E JeldWen 24″x48″ Windows. You can add additional windows here. 16′ Yurt- 3 Windows Standard 20′ Yurt- 3 Windows Standard 24′ Yurt- 3 Windows Standard 30′ Yurt- 5 Windows Standard


Stained Framework includes Staining of the Rafters, Rafter Supports, Walls and Center Ring.


Contains rafter support posts made from Douglas fir that sit underneath each rafter and stabilizer blocks for between the rafters. Also includes brackets and fasteners to tie everything together,

We highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to use their yurt all year and lives with in climate weather.


6 inch through wall wood stove thimble


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