Space Kit (70-130sqft)

Beautifully designed Tiny House Shell Kits providing you the easy and simple solution to building your DIY Tiny House. A variety of looks, colors, sizes and finishes are available at affordable prices.
Starting at $12,000

Tiny House on Foundation

70-130 sq. ft.

Sleeps: 2

1 bathroom


Build your next backyard office, kids, playroom, or wellness retreat in up to 130 square feet of added space.

  • Built anywhere on a foundation or trailer
  • Extremely strong and durable steel and PIR insulated construction
  • Simple installation instructions that make assembly easy for two people in three days
  • Complete electrical and plumbing rough work
  • Spacious interior with high vaulted ceilings

The kit is shipped within 4-6 weeks along with a manual containing lucid instructions. Any layman can complete the installation by themselves by following simple steps. Two people can install our DIY tiny house kits in just 3 days at any preferred location. We get you connected to a contractor if you feel a DIY installation is a constraint.

Build a tiny house with our best tiny house kits having insulated walls, fitted doors and double tempered glass. All of these ensure the highest level of comfort. The kits are available in different styles, sizes and finishes. Our engineers use ASTM-certified steel to manufacture durable kits. The products meet the International Building Codes and Title-24 Energy requirements and are FM approved. Every house meets earthquake-resistant and fireproof standards. Explore tiny house kits at factory-direct prices and forget piece-by-piece construction. Our kits are environment-friendly as they can be recycled. We offer all-inclusive and turn-key solutions.

Comes in Solid Steel, Vinyl Woodgrain Colors: Granite Gray, Sterling Gray, Cypress, Silver Ash, Natural Clay & Buckskin


Floor plan

Floor plan

Floor Plan


  • 6 vinyl woodgrain options
  • 500-4000 LBs
  • 3.3 Foot Panels
  • No Termites
  • Classic Roof
  • Lean-To Roof
  • Gable roof
  • Pent Roof
  • Double-Pane Windows
  • Locking Windows
  • 70-130 Sqft
  • Granite Gray
  • solid steel
  • sterling gray
  • cypress
  • silver ash
  • natural clay
  • buckskin

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