Making Most of Your Tiny House on Wheels With Limited Storage Space

The tiny home lifestyle coincided with the minimalistic movement. Although tiny house on wheels is extremely popular, every homeowner will advise you to cut back on the belongings. Going tiny means you reduce your home to less than 400sq ft, but downsizing the square footage should not mean minimizing your lifestyle. Netflix shows like Tiny House Nation and YouTube channels like Living Big in a Tiny House, with over 4.34 million subscribers, emphasize the versatility of tiny living. These days, tiny homes arrive customized, and you are not supposed to lead a cramped-up life with limited space. Instead of getting rid of all your stuff and moving into a tiny home, consider making maximum use of the storage space. 

Under Stairs Storage 

A customized tiny house with a staircase can perform double duty when you start using them as drawers. The tiny home stairs with storage drawers can create room for outdoor gear, clothes, kids’ toys, and more. You can also add cubbies or cabinet doors for utilizing the space as a drop zone for shoes and coats. Add an extra closet for the kitchen pantry or a seasonable wardrobe. With smart design and some effort, you can make the tiny homes more spacious and utilize them to your benefit. 

Customize and design your hidden storage 

The tiny home organization works best with hidden storage. You can put your DIY skillset to the test by choosing under-floor storage systems. Introduce drawers into the sides of raised wooden flooring to make access to clothes, shoes, and other commodities easier. You can utilize the floor hatch to hide lesser-used items like renovation tools, camping equipment, and extra bedding. Removable lids on the hidden storage boxes ensure that the valuables are protected yet accessible. Behind the kitchen backsplash, installing the hidden kitchen storage is also a creative choice for stockpiling the necessary items. Double hidden drawers and mirrors providing concealed bathroom storage systems are exciting ideas you shouldn’t miss. Many Americans prepare hidden storage systems and choose to repurpose vintage suitcases and use them as coffee table storage. Otherwise, use a hollow home décor to get additional hidden living room storage space. Hideaway storage choices are mostly customized and require reputable builders to do the job perfectly. 

Avoid visual overcrowding – Maximize storage space 

Staggering shelves on the wall in tiered layers gives structure to the décor, and proper arrangement can avoid overcrowding. The shelve tops aren’t the only places to store items. You can get more space for storage with hooks or by fastening the jar lids at the bottom of the shelving. The undershelf hooks in your entryway offer stockpiling of hats, keys, pet leashes, and more. Undershelf storage is excellent for storing loose papers and books below the desk or arranging the medicine cabinet. Undershelf storage is ideal for bathroom storage to stock extra toiletries and towels for the guests. 

Create under-seating storage 

If you require more hidden storage in your tiny house, then get seats with in-built drawers and cubbies. This unique space organization idea keeps the living room looking tidy while keeping all items close-by. At TinyHouseMe, reputable builders offer budget-friendly storage ideas and DIY benches for tiny home dwellings. Book an appointment with the experts to gain insight into these small storage strategies that can help big time. 

Store items under the bed 

Did you know a bed frame with in-built storage or a lift bed can instantly provide the tiny house with more storage space? A lift bed is ideal for storing pants, blankets, sweaters, and warm clothing during summer. On the other hand, a bed frame with in-built storage can have a shoe case or books. The builders at TinyHouseMe suggest installing a loft bed. This solution can save floor space for daily activities and give you the space to add a sofa or a small desk underneath. 

Utilize the small closets to the maximum 

If the tiny house on wheels has small closets with minimal space. Why not try an open wardrobe? A hanging rack and a few storage cubbies inside the living room or bedroom are excellent closet ideas. Tiered hangers are a neat way to organize the closet space and display all your outfits. This idea doesn’t only increase storage space but offers a perfect minimalist bedroom design. 

Final Thoughts 

If you picture a tiny house on wheels as a cramped space, then it’s not true. Check out the featured products at TinyHouseMe, as we offer a beautiful space with a large living room, an extensive loft fitting the king-sized bed, a bathroom, a workstation, and tons of clever storage hacks. Connect with the builders today and get multiple quotes under one platform.