Log Cabin TV Shows That Are Worth a Watch!

If you are looking for high-quality cabins on wheels for sale, a quick search online can stretch for hours, wasting precious time. Rather, why not get directly connected with log cabin builders at TinyHouseMe? We connect you with 100s of builders across the US and Canada and showcase 1000s of tiny home models on our platform. If you want to learn about log cabins, then a quick read through some log cabin books might help. However, we have also made a list of log cabin TV shows that are worth watching. 


 Log Cabin Living: In this show, you will follow one family as they leave behind the hustle and bustle and venture on a journey to find the so-called stereotypical escape. They explore the strange real estate market as they look for their perfect log home retreat. The show is about whether they can live out their wildest dreams in an isolated log cabin, from recreational activities, entertainment, and access to day-to-day necessities, and adapt to a completely different set of maintenance requirements.

You can watch this mind-boggling TV show on Discovery+, HGTV Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, and Roku channel. 

Log Cabin Fever: This is a one-hour reality series where you will follow expert craftsman Charlie Norman and his team of experienced tradesmen as they deconstruct unique barns and log cabins and then construct new homes with the help of salvaged beans in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. In this premiere episode, Charlie and his team are entrusted with the task of constructing a single-room cabin featuring a mind-boggling view of the North Carolina highlands. First, they gather chestnut beans from a historic cabin that dates back to Daniel Boone’s times, after which they struggle to transport the building materials to the construction site on the perilous mountainside roads and have to battle out inclement weather conditions during the construction of their dream mountain retreat. 

You can watch Log Cabin Fever on Play Store, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

Barnwood Builders:This American documentary television series follows a crew of builders converting historic barns and log cabins into modern houses. This show follows Mark Bowe. His West Virginia company buys log cabins and old barns so that they can reuse the logs in contemporary house construction. 

The show is broadcasted on the Great American Country, Discover Channel, and Magnolia Network in the United States. The series is a production of Silent Crow Arts. 26 more episodes of the series were commissioned by the DIY network in 2017. Presently, the show is in its 12th season. 

Epic Log Homes:The log homes you see these days are in no way similar to what you have seen before. Instead, these are typical colossal castles built by men cherishing their every childhood fantasy. From the active volcano in the Pacific North to the lush green of the Midwest, and from the Colorado Rockies to a top-perch mountain that overlooks the Las Vegas strip, these homeowners are simply breaking boundaries to fabricate the log homes of their dreams and turning them into movie theatres, gyms, game rooms, and casinos. Construction of these log homes calls for determination, premium-quality materials, and nothing less than a resounding “Yes” for the answer. That is why the show is named “Epic Log Homes.’ 

You can watch this enchanting reality TV show on Amazon Prime Video.

 Timber Kings: This reality TV show will welcome you into a world of home construction that you might have never seen before. Here, you will see the master log smiths of Pioneer Log Homes perform under rigid deadlines and intense pressure to design elaborate, multi-millionaire log homes. HGTV Canada closely follows every builder of this family-run business as they put their best into crafting top-of-the-line custom-tailored log homes. This show allows you to catch a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes during the construction of exquisite log homes on Earth. 

This reality TV show is presently streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 


Final Take

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