How Much Does a Yurt Cost?

Yurts have been here for centuries and have lots to offer in form and functionality. The cost of a yurt is the most asked question, and if you are considering living in a yurt, you need to research well and connect with multiple builders to make the right choice. Here at TinyHouseMe, we connect you with tiny home builders all across US and Canada and help you build your own tiny home. Whether you are looking for tiny cabins, tiny homes on wheels, ADUs, or yurts, TinyHouseMe can connect you with the right builder and ensure a quick response from the other side. However, people are more interested to know the price of the yurt, the size, the cost to add specific amenities, yurt accessories, and so on.


How much is the cost of a yurt?

As per Carolyn, a tiny house enthusiast, the average cost of a premade yurt is around $15,000. However, you can also get yurts under $6,000; some can even cost below $5,000. The only catch here is that you need to get the yurt built by a trusted builder using high-quality materials with a warranty to last for years. Yurts made from less expensive materials might be cheap, but they aren’t as comfortable or durable and will lack the functionality you are looking for! Therefore, you need to know the features and associated costs for construction to give you a precise price range for a yurt. Market research will help when you compare prices from different tiny home builders and sellers before purchasing the yurt. Only after comparing you will know the features to look for and the actual price range of a yurt. However, instead of randomly researching the internet, check out the yurt models at TinyHouseMe to build your own tiny house. We instantly connect you with the leading yurt builders and ensure competitive pricing on all the premade and customized yurts.

Go for yurt kits

Yurt kits are just another fancy name for premade yurts. These kits have everything you will need to erect a functional yurt. In addition, these kits are an easy and affordable way to construct a yurt. Yurts kits are a more convenient way to build a yurt than purchasing all the materials separately. Especially if you are a first-time buyer looking for a cheaper option, yurt kits are ideal.

Moreover, the yurt kits are designed to adhere to the zoning and building regulations, so you don’t have to brush shoulders with the local authorities for not adhering to the regulations in the future. However, the price of a yurt kit rises when you opt for a bigger size. The bigger the diameter, the higher the cost. 

Traditional yurts that are made from metal or fabric are less expensive than those manufactured from wood, and they are not as long-lasting and might not offer the same level of comfort. On the other hand, the yurts with latticework walls manufactured from wood might be expensive but durable and offer excellent insulation.

What is the cost of building a customized yurt?

Building a yurt from scratch and customizing it will cost you more. The price range can go up as high as $50,000 or as low as $10,000, based on the materials used and the size of the yurt, as per Carolyn, a tiny house enthusiast,. However, ensure you don’t compromise on the materials used to build the yurt. Good quality materials ensure longevity, and maintenance costs will be minimal.

What goes into yurt costs?

A lot of variables can affect the cost of a yurt. The size, materials used, installation costs, labor costs, and other additional features contribute to a yurt’s total and final cost. Here are a few things that you need to know before considering how much a yurt will cost you:

  • Type of material: Wood yurts are expensive but durable and offer good insulation. Fabric or metal yurts are cheaper but less durable, and the comfort level decreases. Metal roofing and decking materials also affect the construction of a yurt.
  • Size: Bigger yurts cost more than smaller ones.
  • Additional features: Plumbing, electrical lights, glass windows, doors, insulation, yurt deck, and wood stove are a few features that add up to the cost of the yurt. Some contemporary yurts have French doors and rigid floor insulation, which further adds up to the cost.

Tips on building a yurt within a budget

Are you looking to buy a yurt but are restricted financially? The good news is that building a yurt within a budget is possible. Here are a few tips that might help:

  • Compare the costs of yurts by connecting with several home builders via TinyHouseMe and build your own tiny home. Again, compare the price of premade and custom-built yurts to buy the most affordable and functional space for your needs. However, only after thorough research and getting multiple quotes from several builders can you decide on the actual cost of a yurt. 
  • Opt for small-sized yurt made from expensive materials. The smaller size, the more affordable the yurt, and by choosing good quality materials, you ensure longevity and better-insulated yurts that makes the stay comfortable.
  • There are yurts on a budget, but living on a yurt using natural sources like rainwater or solar energy is again quite affordable. A well-built yurt can last for 15 to 20 years. The yurt kits come with a warranty, but this is something that you need to check with the builder.

Final Thoughts 

A yurt is a more affordable choice than traditional housing, and if you want an estimate on the cost of the yurt then you need to have an idea of the variables and the building materials required for yurt construction. So, if you want a basic yurt or a luxurious one, contact TinyHouseMe. We connect you with multiple yurt builders and tiny home manufacturers and help you build your own tiny house. We showcase tiny cabins and tiny houses on wheels, yurts, and ADUs to make your search easier and decision simpler. Now connect faster with your yurt builder by joining TinyHouseMe.