Housing Crisis in Denver – Local Organizations Promoting ADUs

The housing crisis in Denver has escalated, but things are looking brighter for Denverites as they can now build tiny houses in their respective backyards. In an attempt to quell the area’s housing shortage, commencing on July 5th, the city has approved zoning laws allowing them to build tiny homes or ADUs more prolifically all over Mile High City. This move was made because the place and its adjacent areas face a housing shortage of about 70,000 houses.

With the law in place, homeowners can build tiny homes large enough to make their families live comfortably. As per the City of Denver, people can now turn prevailing buildings like garages into separate and new living quarters. In the more populated areas of the city, homeowners will have permission to construct two-storied units. About these changes, Denver Councilman Chris Herndon said in a release that these modifications would help make the accessory dwelling units a more impactful and attainable solution and give the residents of Denver more choices to live in the place.

Similar kinds of laws and regulations in California have generated more housing solutions

The zoning revisions that were done in California have created a huge influence. After the rolling-back of numerous statewide restrictions in the year 2017 and beyond, the tiny homeowners in California have built ADU units and rented them out, collecting thousands per month. Other people have used the tiny homes to house their elderly parents or an older child that might have been priced outside the location.

California, the Golden State, has an estimated housing shortage of around two million, and since the year 2018, it is estimated that around 60,000 tiny home units have gained approval throughout the place. California has often been mentioned as a case study claiming how effective tiny housing methods can resolve the problem related to the housing crisis.


This step can slow gentrification

Denver has now witnessed the influence of ADU units on its inhabitants, and this method of addressing the housing crisis could be a boon for localities in West Denver. This place has an inclusion of new and wealthy residents, and in recent years, the prices have gone up, making it tough for moderate- and low-income inhabitants to pay for housing in West Denver.

West Denver Renaissance Collaborative, an organization, is providing information about ADUs to help residents in that region understand the process of securing financing for tiny homes and the necessary permits. Serving as the Director of Planning at the Denver Housing Authority, Renee Martinez-Stone has addressed in a video that they are providing as many tools as possible in West Denver due to the displacement and existing housing crisis. She also says that to enable housing for medium – and lower-income families, the need to lift the ceilings on ADU needs to be done.

ADUs keep families together

A Spanish Speaker, Alonso Carrillo- Muñoz who lived for the past 20 years in West Denver, was a part of the pilot program of WDRC ADU. With assistance from WDRC, he applied in Spanish and secured financing for the tiny home project from FirstBank, that provided service in the Spanish Language.

This means that Alonso would have a house to retire in, just as significant as staying in the same area with Miriam Carillo, his daughter.

Denver is doubling one of the tiny house villages

It is said that the site at Monroe St. is estimated to grow from 24 to 44 homes, which is a response to the city’s homelessness crisis. The 4001 Monroe St. tiny home community is going from 24 to 44 houses and is gaining plenty of site infrastructural improvements. A contract of $500,000 with Colorado Village Collaborative was approved by the City Council recently.

In May, Colorado Village Collaborative reopened one of the villages to serve women, non-binary people, and transgender people. Once an experimental program, this expansion shows that homelessness has grown in Denver in recent years, and tiny homes and camping sites are helping people find shelter.


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