Gen Z and Their New-Found Love for Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are quite popular with the millennials, but Gen Z has also developed a liking for minimalist living. While the tiny homes were a favorite for retirees and people wanting to downsize, the appeal has magnified and touched a chord with the younger generation. Gen Z might have earned a bad name as ‘being spoiled with technology, but their desire to downsize and adopt a simple and minimalistic lifestyle proves otherwise. Here are a few reasons why Gen Zers use digital technology to search and purchase from the builders offering affordable tiny homes for sale. 


Financial Freedom for Gen Zers 

Student loans are a cause of great concern, and Gen Z has more loan debt than any previous generation. Student Loan Debt can crush the entire generation, and Biden’s ‘student loan forgiveness’ is a promise yet to see the light of day. Instead of completely depending on Biden’s promise, many young people prefer purchasing affordable tiny homes for sale rather than spending their money on buying the traditional house with all mainstream luxuries. Minimalistic living ensures that the young brigade saves a considerable amount of money. The tiny homes are more about a sustainable lifestyle offering greater financial freedom without the commitment of investing in a luxurious living space. 

A tiny home on wheels – RV owners are significantly younger 

The tiny home on a foundation can be built anywhere nowadays, but you must obtain a permit from local municipalities. However, a tiny house on wheels has fewer complications. The tiny house on wheels is legally considered an RV (recreational vehicle). If the tiny house on wheels is registered as an RV, you are free to travel with it. The RVs do not have to deal with zoning laws and building codes. Nevertheless, you must park the vehicle with permission or pay to stay at an RV site. Although most states prohibit using RVs as full-time residencies other than RV parks, the rule is enforced only if the vehicle receives a complaint or gets reported against. The year 2021 saw a rise in selling the tiny home on wheels. Around 22% of the current RV owners are within the age bracket of 18 and 34 (as per the RV Industry Association). Due to the rise in demand, every RV builder is now looking for new ways to draw the younger crowd and manufacturing smaller, more functional builds. 

Gen Z – The generation that looks for sustainability 

According to a study, it has been found that Gen Z seeks sustainability and is willing to spend more on sustainable products. Their purchase decision is based more on principles and values rather than on orthodox ideas. As Gen Z is more aware of global warming, the energy crisis, polluted oceans, and waste build-up, tiny homes promoting minimalism are a more attractive choice. Living in an eco-friendly tiny home structure is ideal for several reasons. 

  • Well-insulated and energy efficient – Taking up minimal energy for heating and cooling the space.
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions
  • The usage of solar panels in tiny homes is ideal for lowering utility bills.
  • Fewer items are needed inside a tiny home which lowers the overall maintenance costs 

Living in a tiny home makes life easier as these structures are not tiny anymore. You can talk to the builders to customize the homes, making them more spacious and have electrical and plumbing systems installed. The most reputable builders in the USA are just a call away. Connect with TinyHouseMe to set up an appointment with the local builders. 

Become a tiny house influencer – Take the media world by storm

The tiny house has generated a lot of curiosity in the US. Every generation is searching for tiny homes online and looking for new information. People are looking for inspiration and want to know how they can live comfortably inside a tiny home. Americans are curious about designing and decorating tiny spaces within a budget. Gen Zers and even the millennials are now becoming social media ‘tiny house influencers’ and talking about their happy minimalistic life inside a tiny house. Creating vlogs about the daily activities inside a tiny home will generate new followers, shower you with likes and comments, and also help you make money. Sharing your unique perspective about tiny homes and talking about creating more space inside the small unit are just some of the vlogging ideas that can make you go viral. 


Final Words – Minimalistic lifestyle is a reward in disguise 

A tiny home is a humble space for better living. You have an eco-friendly lifestyle by saving a lot of money. Cleaning and maintaining a tiny home is far easier than dealing with the mess inside a traditional house. Tiny homes are small spaces to fit in useful stuff that brings utility and are functional. Tiny home dwellers enjoy living a clutter-free and healthier life without the stress and anxieties associated with conventional living. If you are looking for a functional, stylish, and aesthetic tiny home, then fix a consultation session with the top-notch, reliable builders of the US. Connect with the builders via TinyHouseMe for a faster response.