A Few Tips for Sorting Out the Tiny House Puzzle!

Tiny houses are downsized living spaces to simplify your lifestyle. Jay Shafer was the very first American to place a tiny house on wheels. It was way back in the year 2000, which led to the first-ever Small House Society in 2002. 


Nevertheless, traditional housing prices started increasing, especially during the first half of 2021. As a result, people switched to tiny houses. A recent survey by IPX1031, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, found that almost 2,006 Americans showed interest in tiny houses.

As per the survey, about 86% of homeowners said they would prefer buying tiny houses. Additionally, 84% said they would choose atiny house on a foundationas their post-retirement living option. The proliferation of massive tiny house popularity moved beyond just an option of downsizing the lifestyle. 

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Americans targeted tiny houses as an escape during COVID-19. However, if you are new to joining the tiny house movement, you should know certain tips like floorplan, features, cost, and more.

Cost factor

While prefabricated houses cost a few thousand dollars, luxury or custom-made houses cost more. When buying a tiny house, the price of it will depend on the build quality.

Consider buying custom structures if you want a quality structure with a thoughtful design. Although the tiny house is initially costly, the good news is that many manufacturers in America offer in-house financing or direct you toward other finance sources.

ADUs – The tiny home trend on the rise

There are a variety of tiny home structures in the market. You will find tiny homes on wheels that build on a foundation, cabin kits, ADU units, and plentiful options in the market. However, ADU kits have risen in popularity for innumerable reasons. A customized ADU kit includes a bathroom, kitchen, and living space. Getting a legal permit is also essential, and that’s where a trusted tiny home builder enters the picture. The ADUs come in different varieties, like detached ADUs, junior ADUs, and attached ADUs.

In ten years (2009-2019), the ADUs’ first-time listings growth averaged 8.6%. According to one of the studies made by Freddie Mac, states like California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida have the maximum ADUs.

Tiny house floor plan

Tiny house on foundations come in different sizes. Although most dwellings are 400 square feet long, if you have an ADU, the size can go up to 1200 square feet. Apart from that, the floor plan also plays a significant role. As tiny houses already have limited space, you have to plan to maximize the space for hassle-free living.


You can enjoy your stay in atiny home on a foundation with interesting features.Tiny houses come with smart storage options and useful custom features. For example, most tiny houses have storage solutions, such as drawers below the small staircase. In addition, the tiny homes are now upgraded with good insulation systems and electrical and plumbing facilities. 

Loft beds are yet another smart solution for a tiny house since they don’t take up too much space. If you want to buy a tiny house to make it your workstation, find out that it has adequate working space.

Choosing a reputed builder and designer

If you need a tiny house in the future, you must rely on an experienced builder and designer. However, as a novice, you will need to gain the experience, skills, or knowledge to build tiny houses. 

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