A Comprehensive Guide to Tiny Homes in Michigan

If you want to own a house somewhere in the U.S., Michigan is the perfect place. This has become especially true regarding tiny homes and cabins on wheels for sale in Michigan. The concept of tiny living is still in its early stages. Against this backdrop, Michigan is one of the first U.S. states to start making specific regulations for these tiny structures. 

So, if you are dead serious about owning a tiny home in Michigan, you must comply with all the zoning requirements and local building codes. This zeroes in, primarily on ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units, having particular rules and regulations set by individual counties and cities. Not just that, you must be aware of the local laws to comply with Michigan’s building and safety requirements. 

Well, fret not. Here, we will be looking closely at the nitty-gritty of Michigan tiny homes and tiny home communities in Michigan, which will be a boon for you before buying tiny houses in Michigan. So, let’s start. 


Is it legal to reside in a tiny Michigan home? 

It must be pointed out that no state-wide policies govern tiny homes in Michigan. The answer would greatly vary depending on the respective county or city you reside in. However, due to stringent zoning laws, ADUs are not allowed in some areas. The rules and regulations governing Michigan’s tiny homes can be quite different. While ADUs are considered illegal in some parts of the state, Briley Township has relatively lax restrictions on EED or Economic Efficient Dwellings. These tiny dwellings generally vary from 240-500 sq. ft. in size. 

Which cities and towns in Michigan permit tiny houses? 

Presently, the cities and towns permitting tiny homes in Michigan are, namely: 

  • Kalamazoo 
  • Grand Rapids 
  • Lansing 
  • Traverse City 
  • Dearborn 
  • Ann Arbor 
  • Briley Township 

Among these, Ann Arbor modified its zoning laws for permitting the ADUs, more commonly known as accessory dwelling units. 

Where can you put up your tiny home in Michigan? 

You can rent a piece of land from your family member or friend or erect it on your property. There are numerous campgrounds and RV parks in Michigan specifically designed for building tiny abodes. It is advisable to check the local zoning laws to verify whether there are any restrictions on where you can put your tiny home. 

How to build a tiny structure in Michigan? 

Have you finally decided to set up your dream tiny home in the Great Lakes State? Well, here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about the entire process: 

  •    Decide on the type of home you want: Do you want to set up an accessory dwelling unit in your spacious, open backyard? Or are you looking for an EED expanded as Economic Efficient Dwelling?
  • Go through your respective city and county’s zoning laws and building codes. 
  • Get in touch with a trusted tiny house builder via TinyHouseMe. The builders listed here will help you navigate the legal necessities while setting up your dream tiny house. 
  • Select a location and an ideal background. You can move to a city where the building restrictions are not that stringent or erect it in your large backyard.
  •    Opt for good home insurance: Although it is not mandatory to have home insurance under the state, having one safeguard your tiny abode. 

Where can you park your tiny house in Michigan? 

You can park your tiny house in various locations across the state, depending on the municipality where you reside. You can park it in RV parks, a family member’s or friend’s property, or tiny house communities. It is advisable to check with the local zoning office for any restrictions before finally deciding where you want to station your tiny house in Michigan. 

Does Michigan have any tiny home communities? 

Well, there are several tiny home communities in Michigan. Here are some of the most popular ones: 

  •    Tiny Home Village (Detroit): This village features many tiny houses in the heart of Detroit. You can get tiny houses in this neighborhood for prices as low as $25,000. 
  •    Tiny House Community close to Ann Arbor: You can find a wide array of tiny houses here. Tiny homes in this community are available for prices starting from $50,000. 
  •    Grand Rapids Tiny House Community: This community has many tiny houses just outside Grand Rapids. Here, you can get tiny structures for prices starting from $45,000. 

Do you have to pay any property tax for your tiny abode? 

Well, this answer greatly depends on the place of your stay. You may have to pay property taxes if your tiny house is categorized as a dwelling unit. You must pay local property taxes if you have set up a tiny house on a foundation. Here, we have mentioned the most common types of taxes that apply to tiny houses: 

Types of Taxes: 

  •    Sales tax:Depending on the state where you live, you must pay sales tax once you buy a top-notch tiny house from any of our listed trusted builders. To find quality cabins on wheels for sale at such a low cost, you can also sign up at TinyHouseMe. We connect you with trusted tiny home builders offering competitively priced tiny home structures.
  •    Real estate transfer tax: If you bought a tiny home from someone else, you must pay real estate transfer taxes. 
  •    Gift tax: This tax applies when you gift your tiny structure to someone else. 
  •    Estate tax: Based on the laws of the state and the value of your house, an estate tax might be imposed on it once you die. 
  •    Generation-skipping tax: This tax is effective if you transfer your tiny home to someone two or more generations below you. Along with this, a gift or estate tax may also apply. And the person who is making the transfer has to pay the GST. 

Final Take: 

So, we hope you have a fairly good idea of the various nitty-gritties involved with Michigan’s tiny houses. If you are looking for top-of-the-line ADUs, cabins on wheels for sale, or tiny houses on foundation, sign up with us here at TinyHouseMe. Check out the wide array of different types of tiny house models showcased on our platform and choose one that suits your needs and necessities in the best way possible. Ask for a quote now